Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A weekend of hobby goodness :-)

Last weekend was great!

I stayed in Bratislava while my wife went back to her home area for a school reunion. In true temporary bachelor style I went nuts with geekery and had a thoroughly good time.


We begin the day after a morning of model painting with a few games of Magic Cards. Now I hadn't played this for some years but quickly picked up on the new mechanics and, if I might say so, put a pretty good beating on my opponent in a number of games. 

Then we wandered up the road to find some armoured vehicles on the street.

Jan posing in front of the T55 :-)

Next to us 'Playing like you've got a pair' was in full swing as the Legion of Everyblight (including this MASSIVE archangel) took on the new Convergence of Cyriss.

After we got the 40k/skull terrain cleared off we started our Bolt Action game. Here are the Americans ready to get into the fight.

The Germans split into three squads to bring down the Allies

The snipers took some fire early on but didn't falter for long.

The Germans in the trees quickly took a pounding from the advancing US forces.

The second squad faced more opposition...

....ending up quite heavily pinned for much of the game. 

The sniper did his best to help by taking out the NCO, machine gunner and two more soliders from the squad in the trees.

One German squad was quickly brought down.

The others fought hard though.

The high point for the allies, 

Before brutal return fire cut them down like wheat. This is the end game shot just after those two survivors from the middle squad got revenge on the sniper with a lucky long range rifle shot.

We then geared up for a 40k game pitting my two armies against each other. The Deathwing got a good start routing the jetbikes on turn 1 and, despite a mid-game scare that resulted in heavy casualties to the elite of the chapter, brought the fast but fragile eldar alliance down.

Interestingly, we both felt that 40k felt quite flat and simplistic in some ways compared to Bolt Action. The morale and suppression mechanics in the the latter game definitely make you think more on the best courses of action where in 40k the units are a lot more reliable at doing what you want. 


On Sunday I got to see my buddy Aaron's Knights of Blood army for the first time. This was his 1700pt offering. To be honest, though he assures me otherwise, I felt like this army was quite light for that points value. 

The speed alliance rockets into battle.

That sneaky Necron flyer is actually a sneaky Eldar Crimson Hunter Exarch. 

The Scourges have an "Oh Sh..." moment as the Storm Raven unloads at point blank range. Due to some crazy rolling the tempest launcher's frag missiles missed by 8 and 7 inches to the left and right respectively. Definitely Transformers missiles ;-)

Overall I had a great time gaming with friends and enjoying my hobbies. Bolt Action was the most fun for me, but our 40k on Sunday was a great time too. I had fun getting back into MTG and though I won't likely buy any cards I'd happily throw down for a few more games with my buddy Jan.

I'm excited to speed up my painting on all of my figures as it was so fun seeing the table look bright and populated. I've got plans to expand the Bolt Action forces with some variety (more troops, some support weapons, a halftrack or two, then the tanks) and I will give more thoughts on the game system itself in a future post.

All the best


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