Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Deathwing's final 5th edition march to war

This the last (5th edition) march of the Deathwing.....

These are not my Deathwing.

But these are my Deathwing. Notice the slowly increasing numbers
of painted models.

Well this weekend, in my quest to actually use and enjoy my models instead of just having them around I managed to schedule another game against my colleague. Since neither of us has really played recently we decided to take the 5th edition rules out for another spin. When I finally get around to ordering Dark Vengeance or playing at the game store where people can teach me (I hope the language barrier will only cause humourous misunderstandings) I'll switch up to the new rules.

Edina admires Aaron's models because they are fun and 
a different colour to my 'bone guys'. 

Aaron's triple lascannon predator and winged, lash daemon prince.

Raptors, terminators and noise marines ready for battle.

I did a normal deployment with two shooty squads plus the librarian
on the field, the latter for anti-lash defences. We were playing an objective
game and I did the old trick of putting the objectives where I planned to
go and not on my side. I knew I needed to get into assault and there are
three objectives near Aaron (the white dice cube, one under the troops
in his hand, one behind the paper ream, one to the left of the red up and
the conker next to my left squad). I figured I would teleport in and take 
the ones in his lines while holding the middle ones with the shooting squads.

This is somewhere in turn 2 because I have all of my guys on the field. Aaron
kept his terminators and raptors back to deep strike, and the chosen outflanked
in their rhino. As usual when facing a spread out force, I dumped my whole 
force on one flank. It feels a bit unfair sometimes but it's a good way to deal with
the lack of firepower for Deathwing and your lack of mobility. If I can put ~1500pts
against 700-1000 then I've got a big advantage. This time Aaron's havocs and Predator
 were forced to spend a few turns moving back into LOS to fire. 

Luckily for me Aaron forgot to move the Daemon Prince in his first turn
because of his eagerness to shoot my guys. This let me gang up on it totally
unfairly....the best way to deal with such a fast and dangerous monster. It still
took a couple of turns for the squads to bring it down. Him making six out of nine
5+ invulnerable saves was annoying but gave the fight a good epic feel. 

I'd split Belial off the command squad earlier to add more threat options. He 
wiped out a depleted chaos marine squad then went in against four marines and
their power fist sergeant. Despite killing three of them, he failed to get the champion
and took an instant death punch to the face in return. Still, the champion ended up being
Aaron's only scoring unit by the game's end so it wasn't a bad move. 

By mid-late game I'd put Aaron in a bad position where most of his units were too
far away to contest or score and the Deathwing were firmly in control of all but one
objective. The raptors jumped in close to threaten but, in the open, took a bit too much
firepower to be effective. They withdrew. The terminators deep struck but Aaron kept them
back to use their firepower instead of putting them in the middle of the Deathwing, where
they could have been attacked on all sides.

The endgame photo. The Deathwing took a few losses but only Belial was a killpoint. 
We held four of five objectives and were keeping Aaron's last forces at bay. 

Overall it was another fun game against a Chaos force. We discussed the battle afterwards and figured out some alternative ideas for Aaron against the Deathwing. For me, once three squads were in reserve to deep strike I would have kept my whole force on the field and castled on the three objectives near my home base. That would give me maximum firepower on the approaching terminators and keep my assault units (prince and terminators) near my troops so that if my weakened squads got close, they could be attacked and finished off. When you have a deathwing army coming at you with deep striking, spreading out into a thin line is often a bad idea. Most armies are not fast enough to completely redeploy to the other flank in time and every turn you do that is wasted as far as damage dealing goes.

We're looking forward to trying 6th edition and seeing how it changes up our armies and how they play. For me, I'm happy about the nerf to power weapons but uncertain how much will go against or help the Deathwing. We'll see when I get a chance to play.

All the best,


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The reason I've not been painting much. Plus NERDRAGE!!11!

Hi everyone,

Sorry I've not been updating the painting pictures much recently. It was my birthday on Monday 3rd and I'm now 28 years young (as I like to say). I was working all day but we spent the weekend in the High Tatra mountains enjoying the scenery. As you can imagine, I didn't have much time to get the paintbrushes out and play. Since getting back I've put a bit of paint to plastic but not as much as I would have liked to. 
Here's me and some mountains ;-)

Here is the latest picture of my Deathwing squad. I'm glad that I don't have many
lightning claw models because painting the electric effect on those little blades is really
annoying compared to the hammers. Still, these guys are progressing nicely and I won't
need much time to finish them. That will leave me with 3 more squads in total to finish, which 
is a lot but at least I'm making progress :-)


Since starting this post I've been busy but managed to progress more and
 finish off this squad. I think there are a few bits and pieces here that I'd still
like to touch up, but for now it's good to have them done. I love the lightning
effect but it's a bugger to apply to lots of models. I'm looking forward to painting
the shooting squads where I'll only have a single power weapon to electrify :-)


I had this recently. It's annoying because I was on such a high with the hobby and got a bit knocked down from that perch. 

I ordered the limited edition Dark Vengeance box from Maelstrom games as soon as I could after the preorders went up (the day after....too slow as I found out). Unlike every other webstore that was sold out, they were accepting more orders. Great, I thought. Only later, after I avoided checking other stores do I receive an email saying:


We are contacting you regarding your recent order of the Warhammer 40,00 Dark Vengeance limited edition box set. Unfortunately we regret to inform you that Games Workshop have completely sold out of this limited edition set and we shall not be able to obtain stock of this item beyond our initial allocation.

We understand that this may come as a disappointment and inconvenience to our customers. And in light of this, we would like to offer you a choice of how we can process your order:

1. You may cancel your order for a full refund either to store credit (moneyback) or to your original payment method.

2. You have the option to switch your order to the standard version of Dark Vengeance. We will of course refund the price difference between the two sets to your store credit account. See below for an FAQ.

Now I'm not sure who to get more annoyed at but there was a bit of Nerdrage for GW, who seemed to be locking down the cheaper retailers, perhaps to drive sales to their stores with a great profit margin. I also got fairly annoyed at Maelstrom games for continuing to take orders despite knowing that there was a limited amount and this situation could come up.

As it is, my order of DV has been delayed for a few days/weeks until I can muster up the enthusiasm to buy it. Oh well, at least it'll give me time to clear the decks of painting.

I'm not sure I'll order from Maelstrom this time....we'll see.

All the best