Sunday, February 10, 2013

Supporting my FLGS

Now that I'm getting settled in Slovakia, I think I can say that I've established myself with a FLGS - MadMaxon. It's a fun place that has a mix of things but a lot of miniature gaming, movie collectables and some clothing.

I've been playing there for several months now and have been feeling a little guilty for not supporting the business much. Until this last weekend I'd invested about 10 euros in the shop for three GW paints/washes. It's difficult for me to go away from the saving mentality of buying online because in the shop I get the sticker shock of seeing GW products at full price rather than with 20-25% off.

The other problem is that I only have a limited number and type of products that I'd be interested in buying. My Deathwing army doesn't need too much added and the ever increasing prices curb the interest somewhat in starting a new army. That said, I've just gone freelance as a teacher and have therefore been able to increase my income as I have more direct clients where the money goes straight to me rather than through a school. One of my newest students is a business owner and talking about the importance of keeping local companies running. He was talking about the government and their policies that he found too bureaucratic but for me it made me realise I should do my bit to help a fun and friendly place where I enjoy meeting friends and gaming.

So what to buy? The stock isn't the biggest but I managed to dig through a find something that would give me a break from painting Deathwing bone armour, wouldn't break the bank and would give me something different on the tabletop.

Say hello to my new little friends. Sniper scouts will be fun to use on the tabletop, are a cheap 60 (or 70 with camo cloaks) point objective holder and harassing unit. I plan to use them to plink away at the enemy units, perhaps taking out the special weapons that can hurt my terminators or just picking off a few of the enemy. Either way it'll be something a little different on the tabletop, something different for the paintbrush and a first step of support for a nice gaming store.

Next on the list when it comes to investment time? Perhaps a few Space marine allied bits or starter sets for Infinity? Perhaps an Ironclad dreadnought, just to be different, or some more sniper scouts so I can shoot up everyone from range.

Painting pics to come soon once I've finished basing them.