Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bringing out the Legion of beasts. Some list-fu

Thagrosh has become more dragon than ogrun and is the epitome of the Legion to me

When I saw the model above, Thagrosh the Messiah, I knew that I'd found my Hordes model if I ever started to play the game. I think this is a great example of sculpting and creates a real centrepiece for a leader. The big downside I hear of him is that while he hits like a heavy warbeast (he almost is one) he can also die as easily as one if you don't keep him protected. Challenges indeed. Still, I'm sure I'd struggle to resist sending Thagrosh flying over things and laying the smack down on my foes, even I lost the game next turn due to him getting assassinated.

In general, the Legion of Everblight bring a really powerful attacking game that can go right for the throat with their special abilities. Their damage output is high but they can't really take much of a hit. Spreading the dark word of the dragon Everblight seems like fun to me ;-)

I like Warmachine and Hordes primarily for the big beasts and stompy warjacks that it offers and so I'm interested in armies that can run lots of big things, rather than collecting a lot of smaller units. This is particularly relevant when I consider how glacially I am painting the models I already have.

Typhon is a three-headed dragon monster that can breathe fire and throw people around with his bites

It's a dragonspawn that brings three heads, three mouths and three fiery breath attacks. Typhon is expensive but I really like the model

Expensive but tough and versatile, the Carnivean is iconic for the Legion

The Scythean specialises in cutting down infantry but the claws can really hurt an enemy heavy

These three monsters will be the core of my hard hitters and hopefully tear apart anything that's in their way.

Shredders are described as guided missiles with teeth. Small but they pack a punch with their Rabid special ability

Then again I can't leave out the little ankle biter lesser warbeasts that the Legion can bring to the table. These guys are best just let off the lead to go nuts and if they frenzy (a downside of warbeasts) they should already be amongst the enemy so it's not a big deal.

So my army lists for these two warlocks would look something like:
- Absylonia (5 Warbeast points)
- Typhon 12pts
- Carnivean 11pts
- Scythean 9pts
- 3 Shredders 6pts
- 2 Forsaken solos (they help manage the fury of the bigger monsters) 4pts
- 1 Nyss Shepherd solo (more fury management) 1pt

Total = 43points - 5 = 38pts
BUT Absylonia's tier list (a restricted list that gives benefits if you stick to certain limits) makes heavy warbeasts cheaper at the highest level, meaning my army hits 35 on the nose. 35 is one of the main standard points levels for Warmachine and Hordes and would be equivalent to perhaps 1500pts in 40k to my knowledge.

Absylonia, a nasty warlock who is very efficient and running lots of big beasts

With Thagrosh the Messiah, I'd probably drop the Carnivean due to the cost and put in more shredders to benefit from his spells so the army would look like this at 25 points.
- Thagrosh +3 warbeast points
- Typhon 12pts
- Scythean 9pts
- 2 Shredders 4pts
- Forsaken solo 2pts
- Nyss Shepherd solo 1pt

I've played very little of Hordes so any opinions or advice is well received as always.

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