Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fully painted Dreadfleet!!! (I lose again hehe)

Awesome wife alert. 

Relaxing on the weekend trying not to think about the upcoming work week and then Edina popped up to say "Why don't we play Dreadfleet? I want to play a game."

The gauntlet was thrown and so we got ready for battle. We were playing Dreadfleet-lite, where there was no wind gauge and we ignored the fate cards. Since we don't play that much and Edina isn't a gamer she prefers a simpler game to get back into the swing of it. Hey, who can blame her? She speaks three languages and has to decipher game and naval terminology in the middle of a game she's trying to do well at :-)

Here is my Dreadfleet all set out just to get a photo of the painted models. I'm still not 100% convinced by our new camera's macro or low-light photos. In the daylight, hell yes it's great. Otherwise....I'm still working on it.

Another shot of everything.

For this game we left out the two flagships and played a battle with the smaller ones. Mostly it was because I had to get up early to teach the next day :-)

Edina sent the Swordfish bravely into battle to face down the enemy while bringing the Flaming Scimitar (aka. The genie ship) around the flank.

The Elves rushed into battle with the ghostly shadewraith, battling their ephemeral enemies with blades and swashbuckling prowess.

Joined by the Swordfish, whose ramming spike could find no purchase on the half-real enemy, the ghost ship was sunk, but not before taking the proud Elf ship along with them. The tentacled monster of the Chaos Dwarf ship seemed poised to attack but a poorly chosen order meant that I couldn't turn my ship in time to make contact. I repaired earlier damage instead of making an extra turn. Curses!

Having missed its target, the Black Kraken ploughed around the island, heading straight for its dwarven nemesis.

The dwarfs and dragon were battling valiantly against the foul Skaven ship that had plunged forwards into a boarding action with them. Could they finish it off before the Black Kraken made contact?

Yes they could! Having killed the foul Skaven, the dwarfs were almost crushed by the tentacled foe. Luckily the captain rallied and they pushed off away from their attacker, blasting it with point blank shots before the dragon killed it.

The photos run out at this point but the Curse of Xandri (Tomb Kings) ship had spent the last few turns being battered by multiple foes. With its oars shot away it couldn't move and was open to be slowly sunk, the final blow being delivered by the dragon.

Damn. My W-L-D record with Dreadfleet is now something like 1-12-0. Still, I had a lot of fun playing and that's what it's all about in the end. Plus it looks a lot better when painted up.

All the best


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