Friday, August 16, 2013

When blog readers prompt you to work hard at your painting :-)

In my previous post I got comments from Tim at the Tau of War and AHunt from Dulce et Decorum Est and it got me inspired to get cracking with my Bolt Action painting.

Instead of relaxing in the break between my morning and afternoon lessons, I grabbed my models, spray paint and rummaged through the recycling boxes to find something to spray in. 

This is the result that I had to work hard to scrub away before I went off to teach in the evening ;-)

Once I got the black spray done, I spent some time painting the bases brown, then drybrushed grey on the Germans and put a simple two tone colour on the GIs.

Here is a closer view.

I'm concerned that the Germans are wearing too bright of a grey colour, but my intention is to get some new Black Wash (Nuln oil?) and use that to throw some shading on them. It should bring down some of the brightness as well, plus having them stand out a bit on the tabletop is not a terrible thing.

The US troops will get a brighter drybrush/highlighting on the green and then the whole model will have some Devlan or Sepia wash to dirty them up a bit and make them look like soldiers in the field.

All the best and thanks Tim & AHunt for the impetus :-)



  1. Great start! I think drybrushing really works well on WW2 figs because it gives them that gritty effect. I love how these models are slightly cartoonish as well. Can't wait to see them when finished - in person in BA!

  2. Thanks Tim. I'm looking forward to seeing them with a bit more brightness and then the details. I think once the faces and guns are done it will help them pop a lot more than at the moment.

    When are you heading over?

  3. Glad it helped. You should have gone to class that way. See which students have the guts to ask what's up with your hand. Then see their reaction when you tell them.

    My father is a history professor. He was walking across campus one day and saw a kid sitting on a bench clipping out some skaven. He walked up, looked at the kid, the kid looked back with trepidation. My dad said "Skaven? Cool." and walked off. I'm pretty sure the poor kid had no idea what had just happened.

  4. I always point out that my hobby allowed me to meet my wife as I met Tim from playing 40k, he used to live in Slovakia, he put me in contact with the school where I met my wife and got me a recommendation to work there.

    Wargaming is all about the love ;-)

    Love the story about your dad haha.