Friday, August 2, 2013

Ogres and Bretonnians make the US and Germans keep their heads down.

Today was supposed to be the day that I dropped my first battle report using the Bolt Action rules. I had a Friday afternoon with no lessons, my gaming buddy was free and the game store was empty. Perfect! We decided to play some fantasy (because my buddy doesn't get enough games of it) and then move on to a Bolt Action game afterwards. 

He's an excellent painter as I've mentioned before so I was stoked to use his models in the game. He made a big monster mash army for me to play with. Low model count but lots of pain.

Stompy Stonehorn beasty. I love the painting on this one and he's magnetised it so you can swap to the Thundertusk too. Shame about what happened in the game.... ;-)

Some ogre maneaters in all their strange glory. Yar, me hearties....can I eat them there landlubbers.

More maneaters hungry for battle.

The chivalric pride of Brettonia stands ready to do battle with the hungry beasts.

My deathstar unit of Ironguts with a slaughtermaster (mage) on the left, a tyrant/werewolf in the middle and a firebelly on the right. That's over 1600 points of pain!

I love the lighting effects on the firebelly. 

My first turn wasn't very eventful but my opponent got the long distance charge on the stonehorn and then proceeded to insta-kill it with his lord's heroic killing blow. A pretty model down in the first ten minutes of play...damn

The Grail Knights came in to hammer at my deathstar unit.

Casualties are mounting and the leadbelchers, knights errant and pegasus hero have joined in. We got really lucky after this and passed two Leadership 5 tests to stay in the fight. 

We beat off the foes and while the leadbelchers ran down the last grail knights the depleted ogre unit battered the knights of the realm into the ground. A very bloody victory for the Ogres.

I'm a bit mixed about playing fantasy. I've had two games in 8th edition and perhaps it's coming from 40k but I can't help but notice how resilient units can be with their armour save THEN a ward save THEN a regeneration save sometimes. It takes a lot of time for things to kill each other compared to what I'm used to. The movement mechanics are quite solid overall and I like the tactical positioning that is important. The charge blocking is a tricky thing to get used to but can add some fun and flavour to the game.

I like the magic phase where you have to figure out how many power dice to use and bait your opponent a bit to make them use up their dispel dice. The Ogre spells were simple and helped buff the deathstar when it was needed.

I had fun and while I won't be buying into Fantasy at all (GW prices are too much for me to start a full army) I'll probably throw down and play some more games of it when I get time.

Sadly we ran short of time to play Bolt Action but I noticed the Germans and Americans coming out of the trees once the battlefield was silent.

Keep that MG-42 ready Johann! We'll see how many bullets these beasts can take :-)

Hold up boys. Looks like we may have found Bigfoot and all his buddies...

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