Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bolt Action bases done - painting next.

Hi everyone,

While much of the blog world is talking about Games Workshop's up and coming space marine models, I've been working away at my Bolt Action models, looking forward to putting them on the tabletop. 

One of the big items on my to-do list was to make the simple flat bases more interesting. I plan to add grass and so on to give them a simple European feel, but thought it would be good to give a little texture and height variation to them with greenstuff. 

My apologies for the camera pictures. I was messing around with the lighting, settings, flash, no flash etc and just couldn't get the consistent pictures I wanted. I'm still getting used to this new camera :-)

Here is one US squad, Sarge calling a halt for a second. 

The senior officer on the field and his attendant move up to check the lay of the land. There is a lot of flexibility in arming these troops as they are a simple base cost and can have any guns the model carries (for no extra points). I didn't add anything crazy and made the officer more focused on command than shooting. No super unit toting a bunch of BARs here :-)

My two snipers got a bit more work on their bases. I will probably look to add some shrubbery or the like to make them a bit more in character.

The second US squad. Sorry for the focus slip but you can see Sarge laying down fire with his Thompson while the BAR gunner scans for the next target.

My German officer and orderly, both wielding Stg 44 assault rifles. I decided to up-gun these two because the weapons are just really neat looking.

Two of my Panzerfaust troopers and one with an MG42 light machine gun. I decided to glue on the 'fausts and then added a little greenstuff strap so they looked a bit more realistic. The LMG gunner needed a little help to reach the barrel of his gun. I found that while most of the arms fitted together neatly, a few of them had small gaps. The machine guns were the only ones bad enough to need some filling.It'll be fine once painted up to look like a metal gun part.

The snipers in slightly better light.

That's all from me for now. I just need a bit of time at home in good weather to spray these (and my other 10 kabalite warriors) then I can start laying down some paint and demo some Bolt Action.

All the best folks.



  1. What kind of plastic is that? Looks very glossy.

    Also, great bases...I think sculpting your own works best.

  2. I just got a box of these. I'm looking forward to seeing how you paint them. Get cracking!

  3. Hi guys,

    It does look a bit glossy Tim but it's polystyrene just as you get from GW. I used my standard plastic glue with no problems. Perhaps it's that the models have much smoother lines in general than GW and so they shine a bit more. There is also a slight difference between the US marine sprue and the German sprue in terms of plastic colour. Perhaps they used a slightly different mix/formula.

    Thanks for the compliments on the base. I need to get some good flock/static grass to make it stand out but I think it's important to get a good feel in the game. Also, the colour schemes won't be as bright as usual so I want to make them look good using the bases if I can.

    Ahunt, I'm looking forward to seeing how yours come out as well. I'll get going with them asap :-)

    All the best