Thursday, January 27, 2011

Won't be blogging for a bit, life is on a downer.

Hey everyone,

Now I know my blogging has hardly been the most active recently but I was getting back into the swing of things bit by bit and enjoying some warhammer with good friends.

Sadly, my friends and I have had a pretty serious falling out and I don't know if we'll be in touch much, if at all, let alone playing Warhammer.

It hurts a lot on a number of levels that I'm not going to go into and it remains to be seen if anything can be salvaged from the situation. Unfortunately, while I understand why it has gone the way it has, I wish I could speak to them a little bit to understand exactly what was said and why. In any case, it's not my place to initiate contact so we'll just see how it goes.

I look forward to keeping up on everyone else's blogs and hopefully life picks up soon and I hear from the people I care about.




  1. Sorry to hear your bad news. Sounds pretty crappy, but I hope everything works out.

  2. Thanks Sholto. Old Shatter Hands called me up last night to check on me too. I really appreciate the support.

    I did get an email from one of my friends this morning explaining things. All understandable but a real shame. Unfortunately I've lost two friends and got a broken heart, but you have to roll with the punches in life, even when they hurt.

    It'll work out in the end for me, I have confidence in that at least. Maybe this is a sign that it's time for me to migrate again to try some new culture and world experiences.


  3. Sorry to hear you're having a rough time mate, hope everything sorts itself out.

    Where are you thinking of migrating to?

  4. Thanks Andy. I think it will work out in the end but I'm not sure that the friendships involved will ever go back, at least not the same way. I'm feeling betrayed in part by one friend, and guilty in part because I was a big part of the whole thing going pear-shaped.

    As for where I'm going, not sure yet. I have my visa interview in a couple of months to find out if I can stay in the US as a permanent resident or not since me and my wife separated.

    Assuming that works out and I can stay here then I'll probably head out west or do something else in the US for a bit. I like the country and I have some excellent friends I'm very close to here that I wouldn't want to leave (OSH and my ex wife in particular). On the other hand I could definitely do with a change of scenery and situation so maybe exploring the western coast will do it for me.

    If the visa doesn't work out then I'll head back to England in the summer and figure out plans from there. I don't think I want to stay in the UK so I'll probably be looking at Australia/New Zealand or somewhere in Europe as I love the continent.

    I want to really experience the world that is out there. I've not seen enough of it yet and I'm quite excited at the potential of finding a person who wants to experience it with me.

    Anyway, enough rambling.

    Thanks for checking in on me Buddy. If I come back to England I'll be sure to make a blog pilgrimage and have a beer with all of you wonderful chaps :-)

  5. Ugh, late to read this, but sorry to hear about things man. Hopefully everything works out! :(.

  6. Thanks Asmo, things have perked up a bit. I ran into one friend at my martial arts gym last night and it wasn't too bad. We're gonna talk about it all soon and hopefully clear the air. Looks promising at least.

    In other news, I've been completely bitten by the wanderlust bug and I'm now really considering a big trip to another country or two. I'll probably put up a blog post about it soon as the idea has been growing in my head incessantly since this all kicked off (like all the best ideas do).