Thursday, January 13, 2011

1000 point Ork army list for a 2 vs 2 game. Please critique.

Hi everyone,

This Sunday I have a 2vs2, 2000 pts a side game with my friend Chris playing marines and orks against a husband and wife team with Tyranids and chaos.

Crazy fluff aside, I have had to put together a 1000pt list ready to take on both Nid big bugs (I'm sure a Trygon will show up) and a Chaos marine foot army (if he plays his usual style).

Here is what I came up with when pointing up my choices. I'll also add my other model options at the end so people can advise based on what else I own.



- Big Mekk (35) with Kustom Force Field (50)
- 8 burnas (120) in trukk (35) with Red Paint job (5)
- 8 Nobz (160) with 4 Power Klaws (100), 2 big choppas (10), Waagh banner (15), Painboy (30)
- 20 Boyz (120), 2 big shootas (10), Nob (10) with Power Klaw (25) and bosspole (5)
- 20 Boyz (120), 2 big shootas (10), Nob (10) with Power Klaw (25) and bosspole (5)
- Battlewagon (90) with big shoota (5) and red paint job (5)

Now this adds up to a neat 1000pts and has a few options of where to take the fight. The basic plan is to head toward the enemy with the battlewagon (Nobz) and trukk (Burnas) covered by the KFF. The Mek may bail out before the final charge so he can give KFF cover to the following footsloggers. We do a drive-by flaming and a nasty Nob unit charge to hit the enemy first then follow up with the boys hitting the line a bit later.

My other idea is to replace the Burnas with Lootas for a firebase on the home field. I would then put the nobz and Mek in the trukk and one of the boyz mobs in the Battlewagon. I'd also like to get some grots on the field for the fun of it as I love the models and feel like a horde would be nasty to play but that would necessitate dropping some of the Nobz etc. so likely not worth it.

I also have the following models:

- ~6-8 more Nobz, mostly slugga/choppa, two Kombi weapons, 1 big choppa, 2 power klaws
- Warboss with Power Klaw and attack squig
- 8 lootas
- 6 TL-Rokkit Deffkoptas
- Battlewagon model (both are stand-in models from Ramshackle Games)
- 20 Grots with 2 runt herders

So thanks all for any thoughts or advice and I will fill you in on the game after sunday.

Please feel free to suggest a good complimentary 1000pt marine army to pair up with this.



  1. I think the lootas might be a better choice than the burnas in a trukk. I'd try to also fit in some of those deffkoptas....up to you...

  2. I hear what you're saying OSH, I'm just thinking of the walls of gaunts/stealers I might be facing.

    Dropping 8 flame templates in a drive by shooting could be really nasty against those kind of bugs. On the other hand, Lootas will help me against the proliferation of T6 MCs the nids will bring. I have a feeling I'm going to be matched up against the bugs in this match but either will work well against the CSMs too.

    I think I'll switch out the lootas for the burnas and use the trukk for the nobz and BW for a unit of Boyz. I'd love to get a deffkopta or three in there but not sure where to pull the points from. I could take out a PK nob to get a deffkopta. What do you think?