Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sculpting part 3 and a mass of epoxy gluing.

Hey all,

Nothing too much to report but I've done a few bits. I've had some bad luck trying to find a spray primer alternative to Games Workshop Chaos black. I tried a flat grey primer but it went on really wet and thick (lucky I did a test piece) and now I went for Krylon H2O latex spray....don't bother. I think it would be great for scenery undercoating as it doesn't melt polystyrene but the spray is much too spattery and droplet-like to work for a decent undercoat. I might try some Krylon flat black primer if I can find it but I may have to go back to GW black spray.

Any advice for a cheaper alternative would be appreciated.

Still I had enough in my GW can to prime my Grey Knight (to be) Land Raider and my two home made Ramshackle vehicles so I'll be starting them soon. I also mixed up a big (too big) batch of epoxy and made a real start on the Honour guard gluing.

The honour guard in all their partly assembled glory. I think they look pretty neat with the full unit size although I'm not sure about having three banners. Oh well, it'll look cool on the tabletop whatever.

Here you can see Marneus no.2 taking a lean up against the water jar while his epoxy sets.

And here is the current progress of Grey Man. The gun hasn't quite worked out how I would like but the hydraulic part isn't so bad. I think I'll have to work hard with the painting to really bring it out but with any luck this model will at be useable. It's been good practise in any case and I'll choose the next poses more carefully.


  1. He's turning out well. I think the pros use plastic tubing for most of the weapons and other cylinder shapes. I've got some if you'd like.

  2. That might really help actually. It's getting the really straight edges that are a challenge. I think a lot of it just comes down to experience but I would really appreciate any helping bits and pieces, thanks.

    What's your schedule looking like in the near future. How about a game sometime?

  3. Hi!

    Its is indeed looking promising! Plastic rod and guitar strings make excellent pipes and gun barrels while blades and even armour can be made from plasicard.

    Its going to be interesting to see how the model turns out!

  4. Hi Pete,

    That's a nice lil' project you have going there!

    on a scale of 1 to 10 just how difficult is it to sculpt a whole model? I've played around with some green stuff here and there, but never attempted to sculpt a whole model!

    hope it turns out well!

  5. Pete - do you have Humbrol your side of the pond? Might be worth trying their stuff - the Matt Acrylic Varnish they do is really good, so I imagine the undercoats they do would be OK too.

    They do both acrylic and oil based, and the cans aren't too different in appearance - just a warning in case you're as attentive as I am...

    I'm tempted to give their grey a go at some point.

  6. Pearly. I can't really say how hard it is as I've never used putty before. Basically it's about patience and really trying to visualise what normal body proportions look like. On top of that, make sure you have the skeleton framework down first. I've already got ideas of what to do (or not to do) for next time. I'd estimate it as 5/10 to make a basic humanoid shape and 8/10 to make it look somewhat decent. 10/10 to make it castable quality.

    Andy. I'm not sure if Umbrol is over here. I've heard a number of people talk about Krylon as a good undercoat brand so they're next on my list. Thanks for the warning too :-) Let me know how it turns out for you.


  7. Sculpting does look hard - I think it's one of those things that you just need to throw yourself into and see what happens (As Pete has). Probably starting with doing some small bits to add to existing minis - at least that's my plan.

    An alternative to a self made skeleton framework would be to try something like this from Hasslefree miniatures:


    They also have a range of heads (sans hair) that could help too: