Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chapter 13 finished. Time to update the progress bar.

Just a short note from me. Chapter 13 of my steampunk(ish) fantasy story is done. Based on the current position of the storyline, I think I should be able to round up by chapter 16 and then maybe a short epilogue.

Time to speed up and get the rest of the story finished. Then it's on to editing, rewriting and preparing it for submission to various agents/publishers. Musn't get ahead of myself though.

In other news, I've got the honour guard set mostly assembled. Tonight I'm going to clean up my workbench (it's covered in resin chips, glue drops and paint) with a new coating of newspaper and really knuckle down to some work. If I can get the primed Ramshackle vehicles ahead of where they are now, or even finished, that would be great. I've then got three Ramshackle figures and a Guard sniper to do. The Huntsman spider tank has not come along any further than the photos from before. I will get onto it soon but it's just such a big piece of work that I'm being lazy.

Also, should have a game with OSH this week so we'll try to get some photos and battle reports up.

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