Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Inquisition monitoring station Zeta 4-521B. Possible alliance being formed with xenos by renegade populace....(Gallery)

Hey all,

Wow, my wife just got a new digital camera for her birthday and it's really good. I just set up he models and cranked out some great photos in no time at all and no fancy settings.

Without further ado.

These two show my pickup truck and other vehicle that were kitbashed from the miscast pieces that Curtis sent in my last order. The pickup was fairly simple: Front hull, flatbed and a bunch of wheels. The truck is a little more complex. Its chassis is made from one of the panels that make up the block on the back, a thin something or other, the truck flatbed panel and the cab section. I added an armour panel up front, tracks to make the forward propulsion then the back took a bit more work. It's two wheels attached to the ends of a boiler/chimney, all on the end of one of the multipart arms that come with the Huntsman spider tank. I chopped off the ball joint and glued it to the slope of the flatbed. A quick bodge job gave me the boxy hull on the back (needed it to balance out the arm-mounted wheels) and then I did two wheels under the hull because the traction parts (tracks and wheels) seemed too far apart. Something should probably be done abou the rear of the cargo area but I'm not sure what yet. Maybe an armour plate over the hole.

I now call this beasty TRUCKA-TRACKA-TRIKE.

If you buy from Ramshackle, be sure to ask about the miscast deal because you get so much stuff for so little money that you'd be crazy not to. For reference, the following photo set me back £5 (about $8 to us in America).

Now comes the worrying stuff. An imperial spysat took this photo of a meeting between the apparent leader of the ramshackle crew, one Isembard Kickass Brunel and a leader of an expansionist Tau group, identified tentatively as Shas'El Kirril.

Could this be the making of an alliance that will trouble the Imperium of mankind?


  1. nice! Your Tau look great. I also like that truck. Cool stuff.

    Just a tip, you might want to wash that resin in soapy water...

  2. Thanks, OSH. The models have turned out pretty well. With some luck I'll have a cadre looking as good as yours sometime.

    I did wash the resin when I got it and it really hasn't had any issues with paint sticking so that's good. I was worried because of the forge world horror stories but the resin here seems to be a little less troublesome.