Monday, January 18, 2010

Post-Apocalyptic gang warfare. Necromunda with trucks stompy spider tanks :-)

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Happy monday everybody,

I have to share my excitement at the impending release of Nuclear Renaissance version 2 from Ramshackle Games. Does this picture not scream out mayhem and fun to you?

Now many of you will have seen the snippets of ramshackle models that I've bought and used/intend to use in 40k (spider tank, boneyard truck etc.). I'll do a more complete gallery soon to show them all off. Still, this will be the first time that I've really bought into and played a different game system and I'm pretty excited.

Based on the 1st rulebook incarnation (downloadable here: the game seems like it is really characterful and can make some fun gang-type warfare. Now I had Necromunda when it came out from GW and that was one of the most fun and varied games ever. Just from the start when it came to creating my intended characters for Nuclear Renaissance, I fell in love with the humour and diverse stuff (loads of abilities, cool skills and fun options). Perhaps the best page is the handicaps page where you can offset the cost of your character by giving them attributes that have negative consequences. Some of these are serious (crippled limb), some have limited side effects (can't drive for toffee) and some are just great. Tart is my favourite where your character must strike last in melee when fighting a person of the opposite sex because 'you have to try your luck don't you?'

Anyway I can't wait to see how the new rules pan out and get some games in. The boxed set is a great deal as well including four good sized vehicles and fourteen figures. I can't wait to get my order through. It looks like Curtis has really upped his sculpting skills and model making abilities. For those who aren't so much into assembly, the new models stack up well with his older stuff. The trucks are all one piece bodies (compared to 5-10 for the older models) and just get wheels/tracks and tridlins added. I'm really looking forward to picking up all of these along with a big order of other models from the game world.

Here are the contents of the box (rulebook, dice and counters not shown) that you get for 48 pounds. For refence, the retail version of AOBR is 50 pounds and since the game is so much smaller, you don't need as many figures.

Mmmm, steampunky goodness.

If a guy with a scythe guitar doesn't do it for you, i don't know what will.

Creepy, tough looking folks here who would make for great Adeptus Mechanicus models should you want to use them in 40k/inquisitor.

Again, great inquisitor model potential if you're not into this game system.\

That big guy on the end just looks so mean. Looking at the scale bar that Curtis has on another part of the site puts him close to the height of a dreadnought.

I really like both of these models and I can't wait to get using them in games of Nuclear Renaissance and 40k.

I think the best part of this game for me is that is much more open ended than 40k in terms of what models can fit into it easily. I've been taken by some of the great models from Wyrd miniatures that will make for a cool girly gang very well when combined with the models from Ramshackle games. The following three in particular will make for a great hero-led gang (NR lets you have either cheap goons, middle of the road soldiers or expensive, but effective, heroes).

Rusty Alyce

Lady Justice

Perdita Ortega. I've already got a character built up for her with gunslinging skills in the extreme but not much melee ability and the Tart attribute so she'll have to swing last in any case. Fun or what?


PS: Also got Marneus calgar and honour guard. Sadly there was an error in the casting but happily customer service is sending me a replacement box so there will be a full squad of honour guard for me to play with (plus two marneus' if I can putty over the casting prob).


  1. Looks utterly wicked, but there's no way i can conscience another game system. pray, stop showing me the tempting shinies :)

    also, consider me envious of the spare honour guard :)

  2. Hey, it's a very small investment for the amount of cool models you can get. You've got it easy being in England. The postage out here is much higher (30 quid vs maybe 7 quid) for the same amount of models. I'd definitely reccomend speaking to Curtis if you find any of the models (or parts) to be of interest to you as he always offers cool custom deals and will custom mould stuff if you want (like removing the driver from a vehicle so you can put in your own).

    I am looking forward to working with the honour guard a lot actually. It's going to take a bunch of work to paint them all up but hopefully I'll have a nice squad by the end of it.

    One thing you have to love about GW is their quick item replacement part of customer service. They also replaced a Piranha that had a warped hull.

  3. hey pete, I may have to build a paint up a gang for this...I think I have some buggies and trucks I could use. Plus some GW black reach orks....whaddaya think?

  4. Sounds great to me OSH. Curtis is releasing the rulebook on his website for free download when the box set is released (this week or maybe next).

    I love the idea of using orks. If they don't count as mutated humans in the wastes, then what will. I will have plenty of stuff for us to use as well so it should be good fun. What are you up to Wednesday night? That might work for me to play a small game.