Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Try doing something's fun.

Okay, so I've been a little slack with my models and painting recently. I guess I just got a bit bummed out by having so many unpainted models left to do. That's probably a common enough occurence among gamers I would think. My current list of unpainted/partly painted models is mostly ramshackle games ( stuff but some GW things are in there

- 5 Dungers (boar-like beasties), 4 giggles clan (cyber nutcases), 3 victorian explorers, Isembard Kickass brunel (steampunk inventor), 1 Marine honour guard, Mad Larkin (Gaunt's Ghosts IG sniper), Dreadnought, Land Speeder, Land Raider, Chimera traction engine, Boneyard Truck and the superheavy Huntsman Spider Tank.

I'll be honest, that stack of models looking at me is enough to make me want to go and find something else to do instead of painting. Still, I love having things finished and painted as much as possible so I needed to find something to give myself a kick.

A note to players in this area. Playing against Old Shatter Hands will make you want to have a fully painted army. His tau look fantastic.

So I decided to kick off the shackles of my other colour schemes and just paint some things for fun. I picked up 'Scope' from the Last Chancers boxed set to stand in as a vindicare assassin and I decided that the honour guard would be the other model. I am a little tired of painting scab red and gold marines so I decided to try something totally different. So I went with white armour. The picture below isn't the best but it gives a good idea of what it looks like. As soon as I finish up the painting (just the banner details and a few tweaks/highlights left) I'll get some better pictures. The sniper is camouflaged up as it seemed most appropriate and I decided to root around under the tree in the back yard for a few twigs and bits that would make him look like he was stalking through a forest. Use nature when you can, it's free!

PS: I know the white is looking a bit thick. My paint needs watering down. I guess I let it slide because I've never done this much painting with white.


  1. Cool! Those are both really cool models. i love the banner.

    I know the feeling of having loads of unpainted models staring at you while you paint. The best thing to do is keep a clear and organized painting table, with only the models you are currently working on in front of you. The rest should be packed away until you're ready to paint them. That should keep you going. Also having a blog to update with your stuff helps too!

  2. The blog does help. Unfortunately I'm out of room to store the spider tank and other bits (you've seen how big it is) so it's all over my desk with the other stuff. Still the more I paint and squeeze onto the shelves, the less is on the painting table. Methinks a basement clear out might be in order. I might actually do that so I can get a gaming table started and then you can come over to play.

    The banner bearer is so much fun to paint. It's hard to keep all the complex patterning in check though and make it stand out, without getting too garish and bright. I'm really looking forward to getting the rest of the boxed set.

  3. I am always in awe of people who can do complex banners like that.

    I started my blog trying to motivate myself to update stuff too. I definitely keep everything except what I'm working on behind me so that I can feel like I'm making progress instead of like I removed a pebble from an avalanche. The worst is when I first started I sort of half painted everything (I do find that a bit of color on everything looks drastically better than a few fully painted with the rest primed), so I have a ton of half painted Daemons and Vampires staring at me as I break into my Tau >.<

    The mind is a scary place when un-painted miniatures make you feel guilty :)

  4. I'll be honest, most of the detail work is in the banner. The freehand on it so far is the writing and the symbols on the scrollwork. I've still got to decide whether i'll paint in anything more freehand yet. I need to brighten up the fabric a bit too but it's hard to do highlighting on such a large area.

    I definitely agree with getting things at least partly painted. Even a few bits of colour can really tie an army together.

    If you're in drastic need of some painting getting done, I could help you out a bit. As long as you're not on a tight time schedule then I could paint up some models for you.

  5. Pete, I just had one hectic game today!

    1 x Ethereal
    1 x Shadowsun (stealthsuit conversion, borrowed)
    2 x 6 stealthsuits (6 borrowed)
    1 x 3 crisis suits (3x fusion, 3x M/pod, M/tracker)
    3 x 9 F/Ws with Devilfish
    3 x 10 kroot (1 squad with 3x krootox)
    2 x 2Broadsides with plasma rifles and 2 gun drones
    1 x 6 Pathfinders
    1 x 10 Vespid
    1 x 3 Piranhas

    Hardest game I have ever played!

  6. Sounds fantastic. I'd love to see how it all panned out. Are you going to write it up for your blog. If not, you're welcome to send it to me and i'll guest post it up here. The more tau info and tactics the better.

  7. It's times like this I really wish I had my own blog.

    I'll get my mate's army list and I'll try to remember how it all played out! I'll leave out the 30cigarette breaks we had though!!!

    I used all the Stealthsuits and kroot to infiltrate
    right up towards his lines so that the rest of my army could move up the table and blast him as he tried to break through, went well to start with.

    from now on I'm using my broadsides with plasma rifles, multitrackers, and Shas'vre with gun drones. easier to move them into better position and attack anything that tries to assault them.
    never really got much use from their shield drones, so gun drones instead now.