Monday, December 28, 2009

The hobby in 2010 for me.

Hi there everyone.

What are your hobby-related (or unrelated) resolutions for 2010? Have you got particular goals that you're aiming for or do you think you might branch out into something new?

I'm also trying to figure out my resolutions and where I'm going to spend my money.

So far it looks like finishing my current models will take another month or so. After that I'll probably round up my Tau force to 1850 points (add a battleforce, 2 crisis suits and 2 piranhas). I think I'll stop there for the time being. Perhaps I'll get a little more to make it able to play at 2150 but that is a good end point for me. I'd love to scale up to apocalypse but it's just too much money for the time being and it's hard enough to find time to play a regular game, let along apoc.

I want to add a few nuggets to my marines but mostly just fun models. I'll be ordering Marneus Calgar's boxed set so I can have a big, nasty honour guard set and some great models to paint. I've still got a dreadnought, land speeder and land raider to finish as well. My big question mark there is whether I paint the land raider as a Grey Knight vehicle or if I paint it in a snazzy white colour scheme to match the honour guard unit I'm working on. Any thoughts are welcome.

I also really love the witch and daemonhunter models so I might pick up some of them. I want a squad or two of Battle sisters and some of the cool direct-only models (like the inquisitor on the throne of judgement and penitent engines). I'm not sure when I'll get the money or time to have those but little by little is my plan. Fortunately, with those two codices being out of date there are a fair amount of people selling them secondhand so fingers crossed for some good deals.

My final big plan is to clear out our basement enough to set up a gaming table down there. After I get the table, I'll need to spend some time and effort on terrain to make it look good.

What about you all? What plans are out there for your year?


  1. Do it, my man!

    I think you should be able to find lots of deals on daemonhunters...I've actually got some stuff you might be interested in.

  2. Hey OSH, that's cool. If you let me know what you have and what kind of money you want for it, I'd be very interested.

    I think the trick is to just take things in small bits and work up from there. It's too easy to get overwhelmed by having to assemble or paint too much. Also, after the initial rush, I can feel bad if I spend a large chunk of change in one go. Still, I'm making a warstore order once it gets to the 31st as they have a 5% extra, post-xmas sale going on ( If you have any stuff you want from them, it's a good time to get it.

  3. Already posted mine, as you saw.

    The Marneus boxed set looks soooo good. I'd love to see how you're going to paint them. And a Land Raider to go with them certainly wouldn't go amiss either!

  4. Yeah, your list was cool, Asmo. I'm going to paint up the Marneus set much like the banner bearer honour guard I posted a piccie of a few days ago.

    My only issue with painting the Land Raider that way is that it's such a big effort to get a nice white colour done on models and you need so many layers, although I suppose I could just get a white primer and do a bunch of layers.

    Still, it would give me a good empty palette to paint on some cool murals or the like. I'm getting inspired by things like ( though I'm sure I'll have to start with a smaller scheme first lol.

    On the other hand, it could be cool to paint a Grey Knight Land Raider with all sorts of prayers and holy symbols on it. I haven't decided yet. I'm thinking of getting a sisters of battle immolator so maybe i could steal some of the icons from that to 'holify' it all a bit.