Friday, December 4, 2009

Small tip for clearing needle glue bottle applicators.

Okay, so something useful but small I came up with last night. I have the polystyrene cement that comes with a thin needle thing to apply the glue. I love it as far as use goes because it's so easy to get the needle right where you need it for gluing and it puts out a thin layer of glue.

The problem that I came up with last night while gluing a Land raider, Dreadnought and Land speeder I was given (thankyou Old Shatter Hands, you rock), was that my needle has got glue dried somewhere inside it. Now this is an issue because very few things are thin enough to poke through 2 inches of very fine metal tube.

However, I was fortunate enough to look over at my guitar and a lightbulb moment occur. I pulled out my spare strings...lo and behold, the upper E string (the thin one) fits perfectly. Two seconds later and my glue needle was clear and ready for use.

For reference, the string was a 0.11 gauge (I use heavy strings) so on normal electric guitar sets (0.09-.048) you should be fine with the E or B strings (the two thinnest ones).

Batrep coming soon, I promise :-)


  1. Great tip. Did you know guitar strings also make great tubing for models?

  2. I have heard that too. That's a trick for the wound strings. I think I'll be doing some kind of refinery type thing with the small gas canisters I got from Starbucks (they charge the whipped cream containers) and the guitar strings would make for cool, and flexible, piping.