Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Revised 1850 point marine army list.

Okay, so thanks to a work scheduling error (grrr) I may not be able to attend the Inner Circle tournament this weekend. Still, I've been list crunching a little bit and thinking about what changes I wanted to make to the list. Also, Old Shatter Hands was kind enough to pass on some of his old marine models so I have a bunch more freedom to do things with the play style of the army.

So here goes:


Captain with power fist (125 pts). I wanted to spring for a chapter master for the fun of a S10 AP1 pie plate but that necessitates a turn standing still and he's just all around better for punching holes in things.


- Multimelta dreadnought (105 pts). A solid stompy choice.
- TL autocannon dreadnough (115 pts). This one is modelled with a TL lascannon because OSH did not have the weapon arm that comes with it, so he gave me a metal weapon arm. I figured it can count as an autocannon without looking too wrong. The lascannon just seems a little pricey points-wise and seeing OSH's deathrains in action gave me a good vibe for S7 AP4 TL guns.
- 5 Terminators with a cyclone missile launcher (230 pts). A solid firepower soaking unit. I must learn not to deepstrike too close to plasma guns though. I'm a sucker for CMLs since you get versatile shots and can still fire the storm bolter. 2 S4 shots plus 2 S4 blasts/2 S8 Ap3 shots stacks up well against 4 S6 AP4 rending in my book Also I was too cheap to buy the multi-part terminators ($50 for 5 models) so I made my CML out of sprue pieces and those little grenade pairs from tactical marines.


- 10 Tactical marines with Multimelta and flamer (170pts).
- 10 Tactical marines with Missile Launcher and Meltagun (175pts).
Both of these are there to provide solid troop choices who can move forwards or stay steady on objectives. Both have melta capability and will be combat-squadded if necessary.
- 10 Grey Knights with two incinerators (295pts). Now these are some lovely models and I'm really glad I bought them. The paint job came out really well also so that's good. They will be the heavy hitting assault unit that can ride in the Land Raider Redeemer and perhaps with the captain alongside to absorb some more shots.
- 5 Scouts with bolters (75pts). These guys get to sit in my Land Raider and make it scoring so it can stay on a home objective and still blaze away.

Fast Attack

- Land Speeder with Heavy bolter and multimelta (70pts).Fast moving multimeltas are all good. Thanks for this one OSH.

Heavy Support

- Land Raider (250pts).It's an AV14 bunker that will sit on an objective with scouts inside and shot up things at a distance. I think that it will do better than my devastators have managed recently and for fewer points. We'll see. Also I'm going to paint it up to be all lovely and Grey Knighty :-)
- Land Raider Redeemer (240 pts).It's a nasty, burney, assaulty, scary brick of a tank. I'll probably put the Grey Knights and my captain inside this one. they should make quite a dent on the charge.

Now if I've added it up correctly that should come to 1850 points. It should come out to be a little more mobile than my last list. I think the accumulated damage from walking across the field is too great to keep my marines intact for the most part. Claiming objectives in my last couple of games has been shakey as I've only had a few bodies left from my troops choices.
With the landraider on the home objective and sending my Grey Knights out to take another one, I should be in place to do well with objectives. The rest of the army will aim to kill the opposition as much as possible and push to contest their objectives.


  1. That is sweet how grey knights are troops and therefore scoring. I forgot about that. Man! I wish you could make it on Saturday. There'll be another sometime soon though. You should bring this list to Dream Wizards or maybe we can even head up the bunker sometime.

  2. One day, when holidays are over and all these deadlines at work and school are passed, (and possibly when my entire force is painted), I'm going to attempt to shirk my anti-social habits and try my hand in these places. I'd be really eager to discuss Tau tactics with OSH in person.

    Frankly, you guys have convinced me that the local community might be a bit more accepting of my limited experience than previous forays into GW Hobby stores would lead me to believe. I'm in this weird point where I know how to play and I know the rules pretty well, but I've only ever played against my roommate (which leads me to believe we probably get some stuff wrong and what not). Playing [against] something other than SM and Tyranids would be nice too...

    More on topic: How do Grey Knights become troops? I'm at work so I don't have the SM Codex to look through. It looks like a fun list to play with though. Bunkering the Land Raider like that is just mean though... :)

  3. Hey Dhinanta,

    you should definitely come out and play sometime. Dream Wizards in Rockville has a gaming night every thursday (http://www.dreamwizards.com/Miniatures.html) from 4-10/11pm. I try to go there every week or every other week after work as it's so close. They've got a good selection of tables and scenery. You can see it in my first battle report with OSH (http://tauofwar.blogspot.com/2009/11/tau-vs-space-marines-battle-report.html).

    I'm always happy to play against players of all levels and at any points limit (up to about 3000, which is my model collection at the mo). Being lower in experience is nothing to be worried about. Most people are very welcoming and even the more hardcore players will be helpful if you explain that you're fairly new to things. Email me sometime if you want to set up a game at Dream Wizards (peterwallin@clearchannel.com).

    Back to the topic. Daemonhunters (DH) (and witchhunters (WH)) can be taken as allies in Imperial forces (SM, IG and DH/WH) with a few restrictions. You must fulfill the minimum (1 HQ, 2 Troops) from the parent list and you can add (If I remember correctly):
    0-1 HQ
    0-1 Elites
    0-2 Troops
    0-1 Fast Attack

    It's a good way to get the flavour of some units into the list without having to use a inquistion codex (which are pretty dated).

    I've got my Grey Knights in power armour now. I'm planning to add an inquisitor (HQ) and a Vindicare assassin (Elite, requires an inquisitor in the force). If I get some money I will pick up some Grey Knight terminators too because they are just far too awesomesauce to be omitted. If only they weren't metal.

    The land raider bunkering is based on my difficulties with devastators. I can sit a squad of 10 on the home objective and blaze away but they cannot hold it, only contest (since troops alone can hold). Putting 5 scouts in a Land raider gives me a broadly similar points level (325 vs 270 for devs) and broadly similar guns (2 TL Lascannons, TL heavy bolter vs 2 lascannons and 2 missile launchers) while putting an extremely tough bunker on my home objective. It's also mobile so that i can bail the scouts out to hold and race the big tank up the field if need be.

    We should definitely play a game though. It's always good to get more players. Maybe we can have a big game sometime with tau vs marines. You and OSH can team up with Tau and I'll use my, and his, marines for a big game.