Thursday, February 27, 2014

Warlord Games US Sherman and M16 AA half track review

American model reviews this time around.

My second order from Warlord relatively recently brought me some US models and the Armies of Germany book. I picked up order dice as well and two gifts for my gaming buddy, who plays Russians. The T34 is from his wife and I gave him the command group. Unfortunately for me the tank can be equipped with a flamethrower so my future games will be scary :-)

This is what you get in the Sherman set. I've done nothing to this except put the gun barrel in the turret. Cleanup was minimal and I just scrubbed the pieces in warm water and washing up liquid to help with painting. This didn't seem to work as I will tell you more about later.

I skipped the assembly stages in my photos but it's pretty simple. The Sherman hull hatches were weird to figure out in terms of which way to stick them on and I had to trim the clasps slightly to make them fit but otherwise it was fine. For the M16 AA vehicle, the assembly diagrams on the Warlord Website give you what you need. The only thing is that you get all the bits for a regular halftrack as well so you will have some extra. I have a set of side runners, a fender, a pintle ring and four machine guns (3x30 cal, 1x 50 cal) in my bits box now.

I went a bit ghetto on the halftrack underside. The metal tracks are very heavy and I wasn't happy with the size of the glue join surfaces so I reinforced with sprue pieces to hold things together. I later covered this all over with greenstuff to solidly keep things stuck. Since it's never likely to be seen it should be fine.

Here are the scale shots in the same setting as before.

Again, Marneus looks like a monster who's ready to punch through the tank.  If you take away the base and stone plinth though he would be somewhere about the middle of the turret, which isn't far off the quoted size for Space Marines.

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