Sunday, February 16, 2014

My entire model collection in one photo :-)

Having kicked my painting speed up quite a bit in the last few weeks and months, mostly due to the fun of Bolt Action, I decided it was high time to bring everything out of storage to check out what I have. I've been working on streamlining my collection and I'm even thinking of dropping a few more bits but for now I took over the dining room table and arranged EVERYTHING :-D

Here it is in full glory. To annotate the general picture you have (L-R)
Back row: Dreadfleet ships and islands, Dark Eldar & Eldar alliance, Bolt Action farmhouse scenery.
Front Row: Deathwing/Marines, romantic sculpt, US forces, German Forces, British commandoes

Now for more details.

Here are my Dreadfleet ships all ready to take to the table. It's a quirky but fun game that I recommend if you have a chance. Once painted up you can have a real blast trying to sink the enemy in a crazy, fantasy pirate world.

Here is the 2012 Christmas/Engagement gift that I sculpted and painted for my wife. It took a lot of work and time, but I'm happy with the results. Just a few more tweaks to the paint scheme (highlights mostly) since I was working with a yellow lamp that made it look warmer than it does in natural light, and I'll be ready to put it on display in one of our cabinets.

Some of my marine bits. Asmodai needs painting and Marneus Calgaer (left) isn't sure who to hang out with but my favourite here is the terminator in the bottom left which was painted by my wife. Her first miniature and it turned out really nicely. When I think about my first, what a difference. I need to go over the base with more green stuff to cover up my test patch and she plans to finish the heavy flamer arm then it's done.

Here are the Deathwing in full force. They are a combination of parts from all of the different ranges. I used Terminators, Assault Terminators, Deathwing bits, Space Wolf Terminators and Grey Knight Terminators to make the army. My Belial conversion is just visible in the bottom left and Lysander has been repainted to join the battle and bring the hammer down. Sadly they are a bit too assault focused for 6th Edition and my waning 40k interest means they haven't hit the table in a while.

The Dark Eldar Kabal with their pirate Eldar allies. These models were fun to paint after so much bone colour on the Deathwing but the real spark for them came when my wife discovered the transfer sheets and made them all look fantastic. I love seeing them together and hopefully I can get back into 40k a bit more soon to enjoy them on the tabletop again.

The Vypers got brightlances just because I think they look really cool. I haven't played them on the table yet but we'll see how they do. I love my scourge models (in game too) but they are really annoying to transport. So beautiful but fragile, which I suppose makes them the perfect Dark Eldar unit.

Here is my one scenery piece (I will probably paint it and leave it in the FLGS) and my not-quite-finished Dark Eldar stuff. The wracks and haemonculus in the lower left are about 50% done but I don't have the motivation to work on them at the moment. The models on the right are waiting for Wayland to (finally) deliver some greenstuff and primer. I might sell/donate the second set of grotesques as I'm not sure I fancy painting up another three of them. We'll see.

Sorry for the blurry camera shot. This is my Bolt Action American force at the moment. From the front we have two lieutenants with adjutants (left), a bazooka and sniper team (right), then six squads of infantry built around BARs. At the back are my new additions of a Sherman tank the M-16 AA vehicle with quad .50 caliber heavy machine guns. More photos of those in another post soon.

The Germans are of a similar size to the Americans but their squads are based around the light machine guns (MG-34s and MG-42s). In the foreground is Otto Skorzeny, the free model when you buy the German army book from Warlord Games, and at the back are my half tracks. On the right is the plastic/metal light anti tank one and the left is a resin/metal flame half track, which is suitably brutal in game.

Here is my small British commando force. These elite troops need some backup and once I've broken the back of my remaining painting (including these chaps) then something will be on the cards for the Brits.

Well that's it from my side as far as models go. In my time I've owned many more than these including Fantasy Dwarves, old Epic models, Tau, Space Marines and Orks, not to mention the non GW games. I'm sure there will be more in the future.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the models and if you have time then I strongly suggest you take the opportunity for a photo op of your models. It's a lot of fun and reminds you of all your hard work building, converting and painting.

All the best


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