Thursday, February 27, 2014

Warlord Games German Half Tracks Reviews

Hi folks,

I know I've been quiet on the blogging front recently but I've been busy with painting and modelling so now I have more things to show off, which I hope you like. Most of you who read regularly will be aware that I've been strongly taken in by Warlord Games and their WW2 game Bolt Action. I picked up some extra models for this recently and took pictures of them, but only just got off my butt to upload them.

Here was my first reinforcement batch. It includes the platoon leader halftrack with a 37mm cannon, a flamethrowing halftrack and an MG-42 medium machine gun team. What you see is exactly what you get in the box.

The machine gun team is pretty simple. I had to look at a picture of the tripod online to figure out exactly which way to attach the gun to the tripod but it looks good. I put the gunner and loader on a 40mm round base (GW Terminator size) and it was fine, with just a big of overhand. Apparently the gunner has a big butt and he does not lie. The spotter is on a separate base so I can remove him as a casualty easily. Painted pictures coming soon.

This is what you get for the flame half track. The right hand bag contains the wheels, crew and basic machine gun setup (as per a normal half track I think). The bottom bag contains the two flame projectors plus another set of wheels....why not :-)

Here are the crew figures. You get the usual Mg-42 gunner, a commander using binoculars and a creepy looking flame operator in his mask and goggles.

Here is the resin hull. Cleanup was very minor with just a few tabs to cut off, mostly on the underside. I can see only a couple of tiny flaws in the casting. One of the rifles in the rack has a tiny bit missing and there is a hairline gap in the base of the crew compartment where the wall meets the floor. I threw a bit of greenstuff on this to cover it but the tracks glue on and hide the spot from outside too.

Here are the plastic frames you get for the Hanomag half track. They went together very easily and with no issues. I'm looking forward to more plastic kits for vehicles.

The extra bits you get in the platoon leader's box (not the magnet set). There are two resin benches with fuel cans, the 37mm gun and mounting, plus two crew with separate heads. My buddy gave me the magnets and I'm trying to decide whether I magnetise everything or just glue it in and go with it as is. Not sure yet.#

Scale shots time
Here are the vehicles scaled against other models. As you can see, Marneus Calgar is massive but the WW2 figures are much closer in size. On the tabletop it's nice.

Here you can see them with a Warlord Games British Commando and a Dark Eldar warrior.

Here's a final shot comparing them to an Eldar Vyper jetbike. GW scale is a lot more bulky than these.

All the best everyone and more reviews on the way.


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