Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Dark Eldar Paint scheme coming together

Hi everyone,

Not much to report on my end hobby wise for good and happy reasons that I'll probably blog about in the near future. 

I've made a real start on my Dark Eldar / Eldar force though with the Kabalites/Trueborn/Archon models. So far it's just the basic colours to get an idea of the tones I want to work with and push myself with some new techniques. I've never spent a lot of time with the edge highlighting style so I decided that it was the perfect way to challenge myself and make the pointy Kabalites stand out.

All the models followed the same process over a black undercoat:
 - Drybrush scab red. Messy but cover it all. 
 - Progressively lighter drybrushing (twice I think) mixing P3 Khador Red Base into the Scab red.
 - Edge and area highlighting with Khador red (and patience).

This is from the new Fuji camera. I'm still working out how to best do Macro with it. The panorama shots are great but macro isn't quite where I want it.

Archon Saban (taken with the old camera). I spent a lot of time on her armour, really going bit by bit to make her stand out more. I like how it's turned out.

The group ready for battle minus one who didn't fit into the frame of the photo. I think this army will turn out very nicely. 

All the best



  1. I love the faces and heads, i believe they should always be the stars of the model amd you've definitely accomplished this.,also looks like this method gets you whole squads done rather quickly. essential for painting an army. reallygreat job.

  2. Thanks Tim. I've got to do some more work brightening up the faces a touch and figuring out what colour their hair should be, but I am happy with how they are going now.

    The colour scheme is fairly quick to get down on the models (edge highlighting aside) and with a low overall number of figures it shouldn't be too bad to finish them.

    I still have to work out how to make the Eldar figures tie into the overall scheme but bring something different to the table. I'm thinking of using grey as a major colour and the red as the minor tie in. Perhaps the jetbikes themselves can be in shades of grey and then the riders can have a similar colour scheme to the Kabalite.