Friday, July 26, 2013

Sergeant Pete reporting for duty - Bolt Action calls!

It's refreshing when you move from Games Workshop's high-priced, strongly profit oriented game models (good though they are) to something different. Perhaps it's nostalgia and hearkening back to simpler times but it's a nice feeling nonetheless.  I've got this  feeling at the moment as I've put a mental check on expanding my 40k and have started focusing on other games, particularly those by Warlord Games. As a historical games manufacturer, Warlord offers four game systems that span a huge range of  historical warfare. 

Hail Caesar is their ancient warfare ruleset that runs from biblical to medieval times. I've been very taken with it as a way to explore history, particularly Imperial Rome and their enemies, and plan to develop this as a future project

Once gunpowder kicks in their rulesets of Pike & Shotte, and Black Powder take over.
Fast forward to World War 2 and you have Bolt Action giving you chance to play as Axis or Allies

Bolt action has been calling to me and Warlord Games has really stepped up to help me out here. I've been invited to participate in their Sarge program. They have sent me a copy of their starter set Assault on Normandy (for free) so that I can introduce the game to the local club and try to develop the scene. For each event I run showing and promoting the game I believe I will gain points of a sort that can be redeemed for miniatures. This kind of encouragement and support from a company is extremely refreshing and swaying me strongly to their side. I've already got plans to expand the American and German sets in the box, plus adding a British force a bit down the line. 

With a nice low cost of entry it's fun to consider the possibilities and stories you can tell. My plan is expand the starter set, perhaps with a machine gun or mortar for each side, then add a halftrack or light vehicle. From there comes a gun (anti-tank or artillery), a tank and some more troops. Before long there will be a tidy force on each side. Or if you prefer to jump in, go for one of the many army deals on Warlord's site, like the German army below, which is yours for 47 pounds.

I should get the starter set this weekend so there will be a review/unboxing yet to come. 

Sergeant Pete reporting for duty :-)

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