Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Eldar battle report vs Death Korps of Krieg

Hi everyone, 

I managed to get my first game in with the Eldar/Dark Eldar yesterday and it was a lot of fun. I went up against my friend's DKOK army, which just looks stunning as he's a great painter and converter. It was a 1300 point game and the armies were as follows:

 - Jetbike Autarch with a fusion gun and Mantle of the Laughing God (AKA opponent trolling tool)
 - 2x4 Jetbikes each with a shuriken cannon
 - Crimson Hunter with exarch (proxied by a Necron flier)
 - Archon with venom blade, shadowfield and blaster
 - 4 blaster trueborn in a venom
 - 5 warriors with a blaster in a venom
 - 10 scourges with 2 blasters and 2 splinter cannons
 - Voidraven bomber with 2 shatterfield missiles

My opponent had a commissar lord, some veterans (with Bastonne and Harker), sentinels, two Leman Russ tanks, Rough Riders (with Mogul Kamir) and a Vendetta.

Here is the speedy force in all its semi-painted glory. It was a lot of fun to see them on the tabletop and I'm inspired to keep working on them so they are all painted.

My opponent has a fantastic army and his painting is top notch. It really makes a difference to play with painted armies facing off. I'm inspired to keep working.

Since his Death Riders are limited in number because of cost, King Theoden stood in with his Rohirrim warriors. These models were also painted by my opponent and gave a fun flavour to the game.

Deployment saw me hiding behind the buildings on the left of this picture. Alas, my opponent got some lucky hits and took out a venom full of warriors in turn 1. 

We rushed forwards to return the favour, killed a few but then got surprised by a heavy flamer outflanking sentinel. Those Scourges are about to end up toasty!

In the centre, Mogul Kamir's rough riders weathered the shuriken fire to close in on the jetbikes.

One veteran squad hunkered down in cover, camo cloaks saving them from most of the alien firepower.

The jetbikes stood little chance against the rough riders' hunting lance charge and were cut down in the first round of combat.

Unfortunately they didn't do so well against Archon Saban, losing their leader and then their lives while the tricksy shadowfield saved the archon over and over again.

The aerial dogfight was rough with the Crimson Hunter evading the Vendetta while the Voidraven turned as fast as possible, gunning down some veterans on the way.

The game ended with Archon Saban being shot down by overwatch after her shadowfield failed her one last time. This is close to the end of the game and though my Voidraven was still hunting the Vendetta, I'd been defeated by losing all of my ground troops. My opponent had the Vendetta, a veteran squad with characters and Bastonne hiding out in a ruin.

Defeated! :-)

So how does my speedy new force work out?

It's fun, fragile but a little light on firepower. I noticed that it moved more than I was used to but wasn't quite as fast as expected. I wasn't thinking about the basic move for most things being 12" and so expected to have more movement than actually happened. It's quite a close range force too with killing power up close but not so much from distance. I think if I had included the Vypers with missile launchers or brightlances it would have had a bit more diversity. I'm looking forward to trying that out soon as well as playing more with the force to get a feeling of what works and what doesn't.

A fun game all in all and inspiring from a painting perspective.

All the best,


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