Monday, April 15, 2013

The Dark Eldar / Eldar raider project begins!

Hi everyone.

I'm pretty stoked as the cabal's raiding is on the way to starting. I've got my boxed sets, have started assembly and I'm excited to start converting the slightly boring Eldar Jetbike models to make them more exciting and deadly-looking.

Here is the collection in its glory. It's a great feeling to have a stack of boxes under the desk just waiting for me to get going on them. As you can see, I've already put the Razorwing together and out of shot there is also a Venom mostly done plus a few scourges halfway there. One thing I can say is that the Dark Eldar models are some of the nicest that Games Workshop have produced and really show of the quality and investment in the plastics technology.

Another thing to say is that they are DANGEROUS models. I've stabbed myself about ten times already and even drawn blood once just from the plastic models. That's right, wielding a hobby knife has done nothing to me but the sweet plastic models have already started collecting power from pain tokens ;-)

In other news, because of some flattery (never underestimate it) I started painting up a Necron overlord for another gamer. He's been struggling to develop his painting skills and also pick a palette so I decided to help a bit to see if I could bring out a nice model and colour scheme with the idea's he came up with.

He's been going with a grey to white drybrush palette and then blue weapons. I tried to keep to this but added some spot colour with the red orbs. I tried to make them look like glass balls but so far I'm not happy with the effect. I have to go back over and get some more light effects running through them. The blades came out quite nicely on the weapon but I still need to put some pop in the miniature with another colour. 

Some of his other models have a yellow glow to the eyes and rib gaps so I might try that. I've started some yellow on the weapon power casing in the middle. I will brighten that up and perhaps tie it in to some more yellow.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Best wishes



  1. Nice job on the necron lord. And cant wait to see what you do with the DE.

  2. Thanks Tim. It's good to get a compliment from a painter like yourself ;-)

    I'm stoked for the Dark Eldar though still not sure what colour scheme to go with. I like yours a lot but I'm also considering a fairly bright, edge-highlighting scheme to make them pop on the tabletop. Not sure yet.

    Either way I have to make sure the Eldar tie in closely but are different as well. Perhaps I'll reverse the main colours.