Monday, April 22, 2013

Screw it, these are my models and I want to build them this way.

Hey folks,

I have a confession to make. I'm a procrastinator when it comes to building models. I find myself putting off the assembly of a new unit over and over because I'm just not sure how to build it. I run through various questions, with the biggest one at the end:

  • Which body with which arms?
  • Should I convert or try to pose them specially?
  • Is it worth using unit leader special bits?
Now as someone who doesn't go in for magnetising (at least not yet), the last question is a big one. Inevitably the 'best' choices come to mind and you go through the codex, wiggle the list around, think about the balance of your army and what you've already planned to take, what your friends are taking, what the internet tells you to take etc.

I write down the weapons in the army, counting up the anti-infantry, anti-tank and versatile weapons. Then I think about how it will play on the table and I start to put away the less optimal weapon choices in the bitz box. Then I take them out again and think about how cool it might be to include the weapons on the model for the look of it. Then I put them away again, then take them out, then blu-tac them on the models, then take  them off again, then put the models away and play a video game for a bit ;-)

It's been quite tough for me with the Dark Eldar models recently as it's a completely new codex and playstyle compared to what I've done in 40k before (Marines, Tau, Orks) and I'm not quite sure how things will work out. I spent quite a few days just looking at the fancy sprues and not actually cutting or assembling anything for fear of getting it 'wrong' or feeling bad.

Then I said F-this and started building. They are my models, look awesome and I will damn well make them work on the tabletop one way or another.

It felt very liberating and it's how I ended up with the following, awesome-looking Scourges that I just can't wait to play with.

I added the greenstuff bases to make the rocks blend in a bit more, plus it helps to weigh down the light, top-heavy models.

Next up are the trueborn, my archon and warriors.

Pete :-)

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