Saturday, April 27, 2013

Greenstuff bases. Ying and yang Dark Eldar :-)

Hi everyone,

Just some quick update pictures of the Dark Eldar infantry who are finished. Next up is the kitbashing of the Eldar models with some pointy bits to make them feel more like a group of corsair raiders :-)

I decided to use greenstuff on the bases here to put a little variety int the models rather than everyone walking on black circles. To keep them close to the scourges and their rocky outcrops, I went for a fairly generic rock base.

My Kabalite warrior squad. A blaster for some heavy hitting but otherwise just more poison shots.

The trueborn anti-armour squad. Three of the blasters are simple conversions of the shredders with a little trimming on the barrel. I think it looks alright and is much easier than hunting bits. By the way, I have noticed the mould line on the right hand chap's head so out comes the knife again :-)

Archon Saban. Sporting a blaster/pistol (not sure yet) and a venom blade, she's simple but deadly. I decided to step up the base a little here and included the Ying-Yang symbol underneath her. I think it'll help make my HQ model stand out from the crowd a bit.

Another view of Saban in her groovy pose.

Thumbs up to Jes Goodwin and Games Workshop for making fantastic Dark Eldar models. I'm really stoked to play with them soon.

All the best

Pete :-)


  1. Wow! That is friggin cool!

    Also love the pose on the leader!

  2. Thanks Tim. I'm really looking forward to getting some paint on them so they jump out on the tabletop.

    It took a while to get the pose of the Archon right and Edina was involved too. Blu-tac, check, she vetoes, try again, she adjusts, she tries, I veto etc. etc. I'm glad it was worth it in the end

    I'm looking forward to her help on the jetbike conversion :-)

  3. The new Dark Eldar stuff is just superb. The kits are wonderful and the sculpting is sublime; it's probably the most aesthetically pleasing range GW produce at the moment. Your stuff looks nice - Archon Saban is impressively posed!

  4. I have to agree with you. It's one of the few Games Workshop ranges that just impresses me with every model kit. I can't really think of a duff model from a sculpting and design perspective. You can certainly argue about the lack of variety for some (grotesques) and the price for others (beasts) but as far as the look goes, I like them all.

    Thanks for the compliments regarding Saban. I'm excited to have a go with them on the tabletop.

    Pete :-)