Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hi everyone,

So I resisted temptation and did not invest in the rather fantastic looking Kingdom Death Monster Kickstarter, though I wavered more than a few times as I saw more additions being added each time a stretch goal was reached and then smashed. Overall I'm still really keen on the idea of the game but my concerns over the quality of the models in PVC plastic vs hand cast resin as well as the long lead time before the game becomes available stopped me. I think I'll still get into the game but after it comes out properly and I've had a chance to see the pictures, check out reviews and more. 

Another thing that stopped me is knowing that I may head off to other countries to teach English and so far, I'm not decided on where those will be. I'm eyeing Asia, particularly South Korea or Japan but since I'm now engaged, it would have to be somewhere and doing something that my fiancee would agree to. I think I've still got one more big crazy travel adventure in me before we start settling down to raise a family. I decided that while the Deathwing are pretty portable, a big stack of Kingdom Death models with a boxed game and cards would be less practical.

So I've decided to look into the new Deathwing models for a chance to expand the army and get more options. 

I like what GW is doing with the sculpts and the options.  It's good to see all of the possible weapons in one box. I think the plasma cannon looks pretty neat and it'll be a fun addition to the Deathwing arsenal.

The Knights are interesting sculpts too. We'll see how their rules work out. If they aren't inspiring I'll just run them as TH/SS terminators. With the mix of model parts my army has going at the moment, I don't think that throwing in some robed warriors will raise any eyebrows. I'm interested to see what the Watcher in the Dark offers on the tabletop.

I understand the price increase for this box but it is still a bit annoying given that you can only make five models, despite having the weapons and arms for at least ten. This is where my mixed up army works out nicely as I can find a few bodies and legs from bits websites and with only a little work, I'll be able to get ten models out the pieces available. I did something similar with my old Ork Nobz back in the day and that was really fun to do.

I'm also considering adding some Ravenwing buddies to the terminators. The new command squad looks nice and has plenty of options. I'm hoping to nab a set of Dark Vengeance bikes from someone who bought the set and so bring some speedy models to the table as a change from the Deathwing.

I hope everyone's 2013 is starting well and life is good.

Take care.


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