Sunday, January 20, 2013

Being cheap - How many terminators?

Part 1

Hi all,

With a couple of the new Deathwing terminator boxes incoming in trade, I've got a decision to make about what to make ;-)

How many terminators from those two boxes?

The kit gives you five bodies but pieces to make many more terminators as far as weapons etc. go. So with two boxes I get 10 terminators or knights, but I can get a few bodies from a bits website and then we have great success :-) The question is about what I should make.

A - Buy 10 bodies from the bits site so I can make a full 20 terminators / knights.
B - Buy only 5 bodies, but also get some magnets so I can mix and match weapons.
C - Buy 10 AND magnets so I can have a horde of bone armour :-)

What do you folks think? I currently have 25 terminators, plus Belial and a terminator librarian. Is it over the top to have 45 terminators? Should I stick to 35-40 but add magnets to get some variety in the game. Will I go insane from painting more bone armour?

Part 2 - Saving cash.

The Dark Angels have their funky new flier, which is quite a nice model, but very expensive.

Is this chunky model worth ~60 Euros? What about having something that could really fly and would instead set me back ~10 Euros, coming with glue, a brush and paints as a bonus. Add a flying stand and it's ready for 40k.

This is Revell's 1/144 model of an experimental Russian jet, the Sukhoi su-47. There are some great videos of it flying on youtube. It was never equipped with weapons but I think it can be reasonably assumed to have blacksword missiles and some guns in the fuselage somewhere ;-)

Part 3

Sammael, do I go Finecast...?

Or branch out to Scibor miniatures for something of a similar price but seriously sweet looking?

Ahh, decisions.

Let me know your opinions folks.

All the best.



  1. Part 1: My vote it always toward magnetizing, but doubly so with terminators because they're so easy to magnetize. I'd probably err on the side of fewer extra bodies as you can always buy more later (when you're potentially not so burnt out on painting bone armour).

    Part 2: I'm personally neutral here, while I really don't like most of the 40k Imperium fliers, the Sukhoi su-47 looks too sleek for the 40k aesthetics.

    Part 3: If the places you play will let non-GW miniatures fly, go for the Scibor jet bike. I'm probably a bit biased, but I still feel the Finecast stuff is below acceptable quality levels, especially for such a large company. Other people say the finecast is much better now, so up to you, but plan/expect that there's a good change of needing to return the miniature at least once to GW if you're ordering it from an online vendor.

  2. Thanks for the advice Oni.

    1 - I'm leaning that way as well. I doubt I'll need to field more than 35 terminators. Perhaps 5 bodies to have a few more options but magnets will be the way forward.

    2 - I'm a bit on the fence too. The Sukhoi looks too much like a plane to be a 40k plane, which is weird to write but that's 40k :-) It doesn't help that the rules for the Dark Angel fliers are a bit underwhelming. I guess I'll see how many fliers show up in my local gaming area before I make a decision either way.

    3 - My gaming group is pretty relaxed and I'm definitely on that side of the fence too. The only factor that could lean towards GW is that the Finecast could well have an error, which the customer service will probably deal with by sending a new model out. This allows the old model to be sold on second hand to someone who has the interest and skill the fix the error. Doesn't really feel honest though.