Friday, January 11, 2013

Games Workshop should learn to make a deal.

Hi guys,

Since I dropped my camera in a rock pool in England over Christmas I haven't been able to take pictures of my painting and gaming recently. To sum it up quickly: I've nearly finished two more terminators, undercoated three Dreadfleet ships, nearly painted one of those, played 40k vs guard and narrowly won, and played a game of Dreadfleet (narrow loss).

Today I clicked onto Games Workshop's site to see some more pictures of the upcoming Dark Angels, since I'm looking forward to getting some swanky models. Lo and behold, I find that the Space Marines have a whole set of bundles available now.

Curious to see more I clicked onto the pages to look at the pretty pictures and see if there were any interesting deals.

Legion of the Damned kicking butt. I really like these models.

Space Marine heroes. Fun for some painting variety.
Marneus' sculpt is looking a bit dated though.
Stompy dreadnought trio. This is great, especially with the
ornate bits from the venerable to customise the others.

Rapid response force. Getting some scouts on the table
and moving around at speed sounds fun.

Heroes of Rynn's world. Now this is a great idea from
GW, putting fluff behind a collection of models. Love it.

There's also a transport bundle with tactical marines in a drop pod. Overall, it's great to see Games Workshop putting together some packages to get your excitement flowing. In particular, the Rynn's world piece is such a simple, but effective way of making your marines look interesting and themed. Who wouldn't be excited to see something like this put together with Dark Angels (Hunt the fallen? Deathwing and elite veterans?), Blood Angels (Dante's elite guard?) etc.?

Unfortunately, when you check the prices, there is no difference between buying things individually and buying them as a bundle. All it does is save you a few mins (max) clicking the different links while locking you into a very specific set of models.

Where is the incentive?

It makes me sad because I get a feeling that Games Workshop is burning the goodwill it has left among the fans and missing opportunities to get it back. I know they are a big company and running for profit but if you give me a deal, even a slight one it would make a difference. I'm excited by your models but a small gesture on your part would make me both excited and willing to part with more cash.

If the dreadnought deal saved me just 10 pounds over buying three dreadnoughts individually, I'd be thinking about it. If I wanted two dreadnoughts, then persuading me to drop a bit more cash to get three would be a winner. Just look a the way stretch goals for the miniature kickstarters have people upping their pledges time and time again.

As it is, I look at the deals and think, meh. 

Please, Games Workshop, I suspect that just a few baby steps from you would bring a lot of goodwill back to a company that is so frequently vilified and cast aside for other companies that are perceived as being more in touch with their customers.



  1. Yeah I noticed the prices were the same. However it does spark a bit of inspiration I think, for example when I saw the Scout bundle I thought "Hmm.. I wonder how many points two of those are". But other than that not much.

    They should save you some money, even if it's a tiny amount. Like £70 for the scout set, or £100 exactly for the Damned. If that drop pod and tac squad set was £40 exactly I bet they'd sell tonnes!

  2. Hi Tim,

    I agree with you with respect to the inspiration and ideas. I got excited to think about what I could do with the models.

    Then the prices. With these kind of 'deals' there is no incentive to buy from GW direct since others have 20-25% off.