Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wayland Games & Privateer Press. Awesome customer service.

Just a quick post from me since I'm spending my time clearing the painting decks ready for a big, challenging project. The details won't be put up here as it's a secret but will be hosted on a popular site named for the blue-skinned Crisis suit wielding aliens ;-)

I have to say a big thank you and thumbs up to Privateer Press and Wayland games.

The former got me the replacement paints for the mispacked boxes from the west coast of America to Slovakia in two weeks. Perhaps not super high speed but they were courteous and helpful in making things work out just fine. Great work from a company whose paints I'm getting more and more interested in using. I've gone from about 5% P3 to about 45% P3 in my collection as the GW paints dry out or get used up.

Wayland games is awesome for having a solid webstore, good prices and carrying out a warehouse move without all of the stock loss/hassle/shenanigans that seem to plaguing another popular retailer at the moment. I dropped them an email about my order's shipping date (materials for the secret project) and they responded promptly, apologising for the slower than desired shipping. They explained that it was due to the warehouse move. I thanked them and asked if there was any way to bump the shipping date up because of the amount of work I need to do on the project and its importance. I also stressed that I would not be upset at all should it not happen but they went ahead and shipped the order the next day, which is just great.

So...let's say it a few more times.

Wayland Games is awesome
Wayland Games is awesome
Wayland Games is awesome

Take care all ;-)


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