Friday, October 5, 2012

Mispacked paints, Norwegian Adventures and a miniature hunting challenge

Hey everyone,

There's not a lot of energy in my life at the moment for blogging but I aim to improve that. Basically work is very busy and this last month has been a relentless barrage of trips and visits to various places. I've been to the High Tatra mountains, had a weekend at a wedding in southern Slovakia, went to Bojnice (a city with a pretty zoo) got in a game of 40k and spent the last weekend in Norway for a family reunion and birthday celebration. All of these are in addition to a full time teaching job with funny hours ;-)

That said I'm enjoying life and trying to put some time into painting my army up. Looking at the photos of my game reminded me of how nice it is to see a painted force on the table. I think what's helping is that I've cleared the halfway point with the army and once I get the bone armour done on the next two squads the real grunt work is finished. Next on my list is clearing the backlog of dreadfleet models plus a very special modelling project (more to come on that later as I'll need help/advice). 

My mispacked paints (in the front). The one on the left has the
wrong label and might be the wrong colour. The one on the right 
is the wrong shade of brown. A useful brown, granted, but not the
one that was supposed to be in the box.

I got some P3 paint sets recently with the aim of expanding my colours and also working more with this brand, as I like it a lot. It's got good consistency, nice flow and covers well. I prefer the pots to the GW pots that I have as well. Unfortunately there were two mispacks in the boxes that I contacted Privateer Press about. The ticket was submitted into their portal on the 1st of October and was listed as shipping as of yesterday (Oct 4th), so I can't fault their turnaround. Now it's just down to seeing how long it takes to get from Washington to Bratislava :-)

My Norwegian weekend was a lot of fun and I got to meet many family members I hadn't gotten to know before. We had a lot of food, gave birthday wishes to dad and my uncle Bjorn, and then spent the day sightseeing in Oslo. It's a great country to visit but really REALLY expensive, especially compared to Slovakia. Going from Eu1-1.50 for a beer to somewhere more like 8 Euros for a beer was a bit tough. However the emergency taxi ride took the cake entirely.

We got on the train to the wrong airport in Oslo (North, not South). It was down to the wire, no way to get to the right airport in time using the trains so a taxi was the only way. 120km at high speed cost me and my sister the absolutely scalping sum of ~310 Euros!!!

And you thought that GW was expensive ;-)

Me, my uncle Bjorn and my dad at the Viking ship museum in Oslo

That's all for now but I have a very challenging and very important project coming up that I'll need bloggers help for. 

I want to make a very special sculpted piece on a display base. I think I can sculpt what I want for the base but there is no way I can make figures look even half decent. I have one of the figures sorted out but the other has eluded me thus far.

I need a kneeling male fantasy figure. I think the most likely is a fantasy knight, perhaps offering up his sword and I'm sure I've seen one before thought I can think of where.

Anyone who can help would be much appreciated :-)



  1. Privateer Press customer service is usually pretty damn good - a refreshing change from a lot of companies both within our hobby and outside!

    As for the kneeling figure, Reaper do a couple of fantasy Knights/Paladins:

    (...and that's not because my paint job got used as the painted example, honest!)

    (a slightly more dramatic pose than the first one)

    I'm very jealous of your trip to the Viking ship museum. :)

  2. You, sir, are officially THE MAN.

    I've found the two models that will fit in the project perfectly. I'll let more details come out soon but I've got to keep it quiet as its a surprise for my girlfriend.

    You can feel comfortable that your paintjob helped make the choice too. It's really effective and I might well be picking your brains on the best way to make the model stand out.

    I have more pictures of the viking museum. I could post them on the blog or if you drop me an email I can share them via Google +

    All the best