Friday, October 26, 2012

My girlfriend loves me and my I made new friends.

Hi everyone,

I'm about to embark on a very ambitious project, the WIP of which will be recorded on Old Shatter Hands blog so that it remains secret should my girlfriend happen to click over to this blog since it's a christmas thing. 

Before I go and write a post or two for that blog, I just have to point out how awesome she is. I went out to work and she had to head back to her hometown for a family celebration. I was busy with meetings, lesson planning and teaching so I didn't get to say good bye except in the morning. When I got home I found the following vandalism to my painting area...

That's right, she stuck "I love you" notes all over my work space, my paints (well, the P3 ones at least), my brushes, my water, my Masters Brush Cleaner and even over a couple of terminators. Needless to say, this perked my day up significantly. 

In other news I finally found an art shop that had beads heavy enough to act as mixers for my paints. Stick one of these in and it'll help rattle up the paint, even those that have separated quite badly from sitting on shop shelves for a long time. Thanks to my students I also learned the Slovak word for ball bearings - LoĹžisko. I was checking hardware stores for these for a while but since I lacked the vocabulary I was doing my best asking for small balls from metal. I dread to think what the shop staff thought I wanted :-)

Take care all and look out for the WIP stuff coming soon.


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