Monday, August 27, 2012

The weekend's painting. Thank you 20 mins challenge.

Hi everyone,

So thanks to starting my little idea of a 20 minute painting challenge, I've had one of the most productive painting weeks of the last year or so. I'm really pumped up for Dark Vengeance (ltd. edition pre-ordered) and this is my way of justifying it. The more I can get painted before the new set drops the better I am doing at being responsible with my purchases. 

A responsibly collecting wargamer might be an oxymoron don't you think? :-)

Anyway, on to the pictures.

This the elf ship when I started the weekend. 

Here are the models I worked on. I've done a bit with the elf ship's
decking and a lot of base colours are done on the Skaven one. You can
just see the list of painting stages on the paper underneath. This was an idea
from Tristan in the comments and it's a great one.

No in progress shots but here is the Scabrous all finished. It's an unpleasant
looking ship but I'm happy with how it turned out. I'm glad that I added the 
yellow tone to the bright green as that makes parts jump out.

The Seadrake ready to take to the waters and slay the Dreadfleet ships'
crews. In hindsight, the white is too bright for the ship. If I did it again
I'd probably go for very light bone, like the Deathwing.

Here are two of my Deathwing that I got finished as well. The lightning isn't
quite as nice as I'd like and I'm not sure about the OSL on the librarian's staff
and hood/cowl. I think I might give it a quick glaze with the colour to even things up.
It looks a bit better in person and not so zoomed in, but still. 

So all in all I'm happy with the weekend. I now have 3/10 Dreadfleet ships painted up. The Deathwing are quite behind, especially considering that they will have a big stack of Dark Angel reinforcements coming in the next few weeks. 

My next painting goal is to get my Deathwing cranked out. I should be able to get the basic squad members done at a fairly quick rate. At the moment everyone is base coated and washed, most of them have highlighted armour, the command squad, Belial and (now) the librarian are done.

That means I just have to get about 20 more terminators finished in two-ish weeks :-)


  1. Wow! Those models are looking really good! The banner has vastly improved too. Great work, pete!

  2. Thanks Tim. I have to give you props for your advice on exercising the painting muscle frequently. It's become easier and easier to get my brush out and lay down some layers as I do it every day.

    Overall it's a good feeling to be making progress ahead of the boxed set dropping in. My goals are to continue to develop my painting and see if I can start to nail down NMM in time. I really hate using the metallic paints with respect to their texture and application so if I can figure out how to do without them, I'll be happy.

    Pete :-)