Tuesday, August 28, 2012

20 minute painting update, a spillage and the army in full.

I'm still here and still painting. It's approaching that busy time of year when the new courses begin at the language school but for now my schedule is quiet and so I'm trying to paint a fair bit. Unfortunately I've finally discovered the Half Life 2 series, or finally allowed myself the time to play it. It's really good and is competing with my wargaming time. If you haven't tried it yet I can recommend it as one of the best-written, compelling to play and developed video games that I've ever experienced.

That said, on to the painting.

This is where we started. The turtle skeleton Dreadfleet terrain piece,
a dwarf ironclad and two Deathwing with armour done. 

Here I've done the water and started to block out the colour on the turtle,
I washed the ironclad with Devlan prior to the next highlight and did the 
crux terminatus and fur highlights for the terminators.

Then DISASTER! My menoth white highlight takes a tumble. Luckily
all models are missed with the exception of the terminator's base you can
see in the background. I got a good amount of paint back into the pot so it's
not a complete loss. I've done some more on the terminators too.

Progress Check

Here is my Deathwing army (plus a buddy painted by Edina). Belial and the
librarian are done, as are the command squad. One of the assault squads is 
getting there, one shooty squad is done, at least with armour, leaving two entire
squads yet to be done. Still, it's nice to see them all lined up.

All the best

Pete :-)


  1. It's depressing when you lose paint like that isn't it? It's about the only thing I don't miss from those style of pots (I still get nostalgic about the old Citadel colours of 20 years ago). I think as I get older and clumsier I may just invest in all the Vallejo range and their "dropper" style pots...

    All looking good though mate, and yep, Half Life 2 will gobble your spare time up. :)

  2. Thanks Andy. It is a bummer. The GW paints have spilled less, or I've knocked them over a bit less but I still love the P3 paints to work with. I managed to save a fair bit of what came out (thank you water dropper squeezy thingy) so it's not all bad.

    I wonder if I can get the decks cleared before Dark Vengeance hits though :-)