Wednesday, August 22, 2012

20 minute painting challenge days 2 and 3.

Hey everyone,

Been busy with work and other such things, plus writing on my other blog but I've managed to keep to my twenty minutes per day painting. 

Here are the results of what I've done recently.

I got another layer on the dragon and it's starting to look a lot nicer now. I prefer the mix of colour having a green dragon on the ship and a red dragon as the free-flying model. The sail patterns have been tidied up, the flags made bright and I started with a few gold bits to add detail.

Here I changed tack with the gold a little bit, doing the ram and figurehead in metallics and basecoating the gun ports with grey. I think I'll pop a quick wash into them and then paint some silver for the actual weapons. Though you can't see it on this side, I've started painting the waterboard line with blue and I plan to add the same yellow as the sails to the pattern at the back. Hopefully I'll get it done tonight. I also need to shade the windows and finish the tower colours.

Hope everyone is well and I can vouch that this little kind of stimulation can help boost your tired painting muscles even when you're not that into it. 20 minutes is a very short time and seeing the progress is great. I suggest keeping your painting area set up and only having one model in front of you at a time. It's a lot more inspiring that way.

Not long now to the Dark Vengeance pre-orders. That limited edition sounds pretty tasty to me.

Pete :-)

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