Sunday, May 29, 2011

(Wedding) Favour to ask. Following my other blog.

Hey everyone,

I'll do hobby stuff first. My Finecast Dark Angel Captain is cleaned up now and I'll be getting him painted up as pretty soon. Not too much flash but unfortunately there is a distinct mold shift on the model. It's not too much and I'm not worried about it, but I would suggest taking as close a look at your new model as you can before you purchase. If the mould line/shift went over major detailing, that would be a bigger issue.

Ok, that done, it's on to the main reason for this post.

I've started a blog about writing custom wedding readings for people getting married. The URL is (unsurprisingly)

Essentially, I will be working with couples who want to have something really special and personalised written for their wedding day, but perhaps don't have the ability to really write down what it is that they are feeling. I have one example up of something I've done for a wedding so far and more are to come.

If this is something that interests any of you, I'd love to start building up some followers and since I'm in the early days and looking to build awareness, any family or friends you have who are getting married can come to me and I'll put something together for them for no cost. Just tell them to mention that you recommended they speak to me.

Thankyou all and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at all about the new site.

Pete :-)


  1. Good lord man, I remembered your previous post about asking out a barista girl, saw the image at the top of the post as it appeared on my blog page and thought "Crikey he moves fast!"

    Glad to see you're taking things slower anyway... ;-)

    I don't know anyone getting married, but I'll take a look just in case.

  2. Hey Andy, thanks for giving me a small laugh. Yeah I totally chickened out on asking the barista out and I'm in no rush to get married :-)

    It will come in time I'm sure.

    Thanks for any attention to the other blog. I'll be adding a few more pieces I've already done and will post it up to Facebook soon to get friends and family aware of it.