Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Heartbreak, a bad friend, good friends and some wargaming too :-)

Hey everyone,

Sorry it's been a while since the last update but life is very busy, as ever. I'm in the middle of a CELTA teacher course to qualify and train me to teach English as a foreign language. Thanks to Old Shatter Hands, I have a job in Bratislava, Slovakia but first I have to pass the rather intense course. I'm really enjoying it but I hardly have time to do necessary lesson planning and homework, let alone get much time for wargaming or blogging.

This gentleman is what I think I'll aspire to be like as an English teacher ;-)

While I don't normally like to rant on my blog, I'm going to use it to let off some steam since I haven't really had a chance to head down to the pub with friends and vent. I'm sure the end of the course next friday will be a day with a few drinks for sure :-)

Anyway, I just wanted to say how frustrating and heartbreaking it is when you have someone who you were really close to, thought very highly of and made an effort to stay in touch with just shut down and give up on the friendship. It feels like such a kick to my judgement that I thought so highly of a person who then completely fell through and out of your life. On the other hand, it has made me really recognise the value of the truly worthwhile people in my life and make more time available to be in contact with them and cherish the good feelings.

Rant over ;-)

On the plus side, I've made a number of good friends already on my course, both among the fellow CELTA trainees and the students in the school. I've got an invite to Spain by one student, Santiago, who restores classic motorbikes and wants to take me riding in the Spanish scenery. Ilariah, a lovely Italian girl, overheard this offer and declared that instead I must visit Italy, so there's another destination. I've got a few more Italian contacts, one guy from Bucharest, Hungary, a few Japanese folks and a chap from Romania.

I've also got two trips planned with one of my coursemates, who will be studying in Russia. We're both big on history and will be going to Auschwitz in Poland, then to Pripyat, the city next to Chernobyl in Ukraine. I think we both recognise the truly historic nature of the events associated with each and, as citizens of the world, feel that we ought to experience them, despite the intense emotions I'm sure we'll both feel because of it.

One of many scenes of the abandonment of Pripyat.

I'm enjoying everyone else's blog updates, especially Old Shatter Hands with his contribution to a great charitable project supporting Doctors without Borders

PS: I took my Deathwing to their first loss last night. It was a 1500pt game against a gunline Tau army commanded by a new player. He was still getting into the swing of the rules but was a lot of fun to play against. In short, it was a bloodbath and ended with just 2 models left alive, Farsight and a bodyguard.
The forces were:
27 terminators
48 Fire warriors, 7 crisis suits, Farsight, 6 Stealth suits, 3 broadsides and max shield drones on everything.

In short, I gave him first turn and deep-striked everything. My aggressive movements with the 3 initial squads started rolling up his lines but then my last 2 squads mishapped and were destroyed, putting me down by 500pts. In the end, I battered my way through all of his units but then the last terminator was taken down by Farsight in assault. Great game and a good morale booster for my opponent, who told me he hadn't won with those Tau ever before.

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