Sunday, May 15, 2011

Infinite babes?

****Disclaimer, sexism towards wargaming figures occurs in this post ;-)****

Blog followers, I have a confession to make.....I sometimes get a crush on female wargaming miniature sculpts ;-)

Instead of considering this a problem, I've decided to relish it and use it as motivation for future gaming. Enter Infinity, the game.

Because I'm lazy and want to get on with linking pics of Infinity ladies, I'm going to blatantly crib info Old Shatter Hands wrote about the game(thanks bud).

The game is set in 175 years in the future of our world. This is very important, because in the game you'll find all the contemporary world powers represented in the game. There is a huge Asian conglomerate power, the Yu Jing, that features units and troops from China, Japan and other Asian nations. Americans have been fused with the nations of the UK and Russia, and become a power, less advanced technologically due to isolation from Earth and the Human Sphere for a century.

The game can be incredibly detailed; your futuristic soldiers can doctor wounded comrades, hack into enemy computer systems, and use camouflage to move undetected across the battlefield. At first it sounds complex, but the core rules are fluid, simple and easy to learn. You'll never need more than 4 dice at a time, in contrast to 40k where you often find yourself digging out 20-30 dice from your stash.

What I like most about it, is that although it's still based on a "you-go, I-go" turn system, your enemy can react to your moves in your turn and vice versa, making for a game that engages you throughout its entire length. You don't have to watch your opponent move and shoot uncontested during his turn, you get to fight back.

I haven't even mentioned the miniatures yet. They are, in my humble opinion, the best miniatures available on the market today. Every model is expertly sculpted with near flawless anatomy, posed in dynamic and fluid stances that imply action. You have to see for yourself. It's hard to look at a 40k miniature the same way after you realize what Corvus Belli has achieved with this range.

So of the factions available I find myself drawn towards the Ariadna (Old European) and Haqqislam (new Islam). I'm going based on the models I like most because I understand that this is a much more balanced game than 40k so there are no worries about picking a faction like Witch Hunters in 40k to find your play group is running Wolves, Blood Angels and Grey Knight Shunt-punching Dreadknights.

The low model count and limited investment also work well for me with my travel plans. Here are the two starter sets I will be picking up to start my Infinity gaming.


I agree with OSH on the quality of sculpts that Corvus Belli produces and the casual assurance of the female Ghulam figure on the right makes me think she is a real soldier. Nice feminine lines without the exaggerated effect you get in some other companies' miniatures.

Some more great models and if we focus on the female Khazak (as we should in this post), you will see that she is definitely projecting a rough and tumble sexy look. She looks more than capable of handling herself on the battlefield or off it...(giggity?)

Haqqislam anti tank
From this model, I have learned that tank hunting definitely requires stopping in mid-run and sticking a shapely backside out so that you can see the foe coming. Presumably any tank or TAG (Infinity's armoured suits) crew will be distracted by the lovely curves on display long enough for you to put a rocket through their armour.

Ariadne Chasseur
The Ariadne have clearly learned the booty shunt move too (much more fun that the GK shunt punch). Your eyes will be stuck to her until you realise she's stuck a grenade on you with her adhesive launcher.

Ariadne Caledonian Volunteers
Here a sexy, plaid skirt wearing young lady appears to have wandered into the battle and is now all flustered and cute. Wrong, she just wants you to think that while her buddy on the right takes you out or she can show you the business end of her grenade launcher.

Haqqislam Odalisque
Now this lady may be a seductress (it's in the fluff, look it up) but she's smart, sassy, sexy and stalwart too. She can fight in platform boots too. Oh yeah

Ariadne Para Commando
Now here's a lady who has clearly watched Date Night and remembers the alleyway scene (Watch the trailer and skip to 1 minute in). Yeah, she knows about the killshot.

Szalamandra Squadron
Now this figure is from the Nomads faction rather than Ariadne or Haqqislam but I love the sculpting on her. To me she's saying "Once I'm done posing, I'll get into my TAG suit (it looks like a giant Crisis suit) and totally kick your ass."

So there you have a short trip through just a few of the babes of Infinity. I'm definitely planning to get an army started with some eye candy and build up a fighting force around that. One great strength of a balanced game system is that I'm not going to lose out by taking certain models or not taking others. As I understand it, almost any force can deal with almost any other force if played well.

Nicely sculpted female figures all the way ;-)



  1. Ha! I love it. You know, if you're going to enter the battlefield, might as well wear a g-string. There is one female model in the Nomads army with a completely bare-ass sticking out. She's the queen of the ass-shunt move, with a ASS value of 15 (remember this is d20 system).

  2. My wife would roll her eyes at the female minis, but I love the Infinity style in general. I've got my hands on a Pan-Oceanic box set which I'm really looking forward to getting the brushes on soon...

  3. Hey OSH, I did consider putting up a pic or two of the Reverend Moira and her sexy boo-tay but since I'm not really going for Nomads, I didn't. Perhaps we need an Infinite Babes Pt 2 post.

    Can't wait to get into the game myself too. I've just sprayed the Deathwing with the army painter bone so give me a little while to paint them up and I'll be ready for the next project.