Monday, March 28, 2011

1500pt Deathwing army list, transportable in 1 battlefoam tray ;-)

Happy monday everyone, So I've been gathering together various models and bits from friends and GW to put together my crazy-hybrid model set Deathwing army. I'm looking for some tactical thoughts on the loadouts for each squad, working within the limit of models I have/will get.

- 1 Box 5 Grey Knight Terminators (GKT)
- 1 Box 5 Assault Terminators (AT)
- 2 Box 5 Space Marine Terminators (T)
- 1 Box 5 Wolf Guard Terminators (SWT)
- 3 single Assault on Black Reach Terminators
- 1 Captain Lysander model
- Bits from Dark Angel Sprues
- 5 robed tactical marines from DA sprues

- 11 Thunder Hammers/Storm Shields (5 from AT, 4 from SWT, 1 from GKT, 1 from Lysander)
- 9 Lightning claw pairs (5 from AT, 4 from SWT)
- 3 Heavy Flamers (2 from T, 1 from SWT)
- 2 Cyclone Missile Launchers (T)
- 5 Assault Cannons (2 from T, 1 fromt SWT, 2 from Dark Angel Sprues)
- 5+ Chainfists
- 10+ Powerfists
- 15+ Stormbolters
- 2-3 Power weapons

Army List for 1500 pts

- Belial, probably equipped with lightning claws due to his high Initiative - 130pts

- Deathwing squad (215), 5 TH/SS, CML (20), Apothecary (30), Chapter Banner (25) - 290pts (Belial leads)

- Deathwing squad (215), 3 TH/SS, 2 LC, CML (20) - 235pts

- Deathwing squad (215), 3 TH/SS, 2 LC, CML (20) - 235pts

- Deathwing squad (215), SB/PW, SB/CF (5), 2 SB/PF, Assault cannon(30)/PF - 250pts

- Deathwing squad (215), SB/PW, SB/CF (5), 2 SB/PF, Assault cannon(30)/PF - 250pts

- 5 Tactical marines (90), meltagun (10) - 100 pts

Total = 1490 pts if I've added up correctly. I recall it being 1500 even when I last did it so may have mis-remembered a pt cost here or there. For 10 pts I'd probably add a couple more chainfists.

Basic Tactics
Pretty straightforward. Deathwing assault with one assault squad (or Belial's) and the two shooty squads to establish a turn 1 presence. Tactical squad holds home objective. When the enemy responds to the turn 1 terminators shooting them, drop the assault squads behind them and hopefully catch in a pincer movement of sorts.

For objectives missions I'll drop the shooty squads near the objectives and hold them with fearless terminators.

Suggestions, tactical advice, hate mail and the like is all welcome ;-)


  1. With 24" guns on the shooty support squads, you probably have no need to deep strike them. They can start on the table, even in Dawn of War, move and shoot pretty much anything they need to. That lets you DWA all three of the assault squads, with Belial's one being the main fire magnet.

    This is very similar to my DW army, although I have far fewer TH/SS. I like a chainfist in each squad, and I generally mix them up a bit more, but this list will really bring the hurt.

    While the WH codex is still legal, you can always drop the 100pt Tac squad for two 5 man Stormtrooper squads to hold your home objective(s).

  2. All good points Sholto and I didn't realise you had a Deathwing army as well. I think this army will play out pretty nicely and I'm interested to see how different my tactics will be. Good point about walking the shooty squads. I will think about adding the stormtroopers for objective holding but at the moment I'm planning to use the robed marine bodies that come with the Dark Angel sprue to give me some monk-like tactical marines.

    Mostly, I'm excited about the modelling options and fun I'll have mixing up the various boxed sets that I have. I'm also trying to get a Logan Grimnir model, partly for the awesome sculpt and partly so I can run my Deathwing as Loganwing (in DW colours) if I feel like having a change.

  3. I have had a few games with them now, and they make a change from playing Tau. Games are a whole lot quicker, for one, plus there is this amazing Phase I discovered called the Assault phase, where really cool things happen! ;)

  4. Well until recently I was playing orks so I got to enjoy this new fun of the assault phase but I sorely missed my shooting phase (Lootas are fun but not the same).

    Definitely looking forward to playing a small, elite force though. It got tiring packing up 100+ models for every game.