Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back in the homeland of Games Workshop.

Hey everyone,

So I know there has been no blogging for a while but I just left me job, moved out of my apartment and changed countries all in the last few weeks. Still, now I'm back in the UK for a couple of months, getting a certificate to teach English abroad then, thanks to Tim at the Tau of War, I'm probably heading to Bratislava, Slovakia. Very excited about that one. I've decided I like being FROM England rather than living IN England though I'll be in and out seeing family and friends undoubtedly.

So the next two months is quite busy as I have to:

- Get my CELTA course certificate
- See family and friends (it has been two years after all)
- Paint up and sell the 21 metal Grey Knight terminators I got in trade before leaving Maryland.
- Start building my Deathwing army
- Write one or two submissions for Black Library Publishing. I still love writing and it would be great to get something published.
- Use the NHS's services to fix my various injuries (cracked knuckle, broken toe, sprained toe, sprained(?) knuckle, stiff knee) before I go off abroad again.

On the last note, I did a lot of Mixed Martial Arts training in the US and got in a fight before I left. I figured you may all appreciate a shot or two of me in action. I was sooooo tired by the end and my opponent had 15 lbs weight advantage so it was exhausting when it came to the grappling. I lost the fight by decision but handled him nicely on the feet, though couldn't match his power on the ground. Good times and he is still one of my closest friends. What a bizzare and wonderful sport :-)

Me landing a kick. No, he's not fat, that ripple in his stomach is from the impact.

After the fight with funky hair due to my cornerman's towel. That was our instructor as referee. Great guys both of them.

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