Monday, March 14, 2011

Can you kill a Knight titan with 500pts?

Hey everyone,

I have a two day tournament coming up this weekend and I only recently found out about the second day.

Day 1 is a three round 1750 point 'regular' 40k tournament that I'll be taking the orks to and having a good time. I'm fairly confident I'll do alright in this one and it should be a good time.

Day 2 is where things become interesting.

We have to kill a knight titan.

Everybody in the tournament gets a shot to kill this beast (it's 1 of 250 resin casts for an old Games Day) and the one who kills it fastest gets to keep the titan model. Not bad and certainly nothing to lose by taking the game.

- Titan is (I think) AV13 front, 1 void shield, 2 structure points super heavy walker mounting one warhound class weapon and a chainfist-thing. We've been told that there are no turbo laser destructors. If so, it'll be silly.

- I get 500 points of troops but must follow normal FOC (ouch)

- Game is on a 6x4 table, playing DOWN the table so there is 6 foot of ground to cover.

- No painting requirements but WYSIWYG and no proxies.

I ruled out my orks as soon as I saw the rules. The nobz and warboss would have no problem krumpin in with power klaws but they will take a minimum of 3 turns to reach it. I have no drop pods or collection of melta marines to drop my power armoured troops against this beast so they were likewise out.

Instead I'm going to try to claim it for the greater good.

I've borrowed 2 broadsides from Old Shatter Hands and I have a railhead at home. I'm going to run them with minimum Fire Warriors and a TL-Fusion commander. Each broadside will be placed 0.00001 mm from the table edges at the far forward line of my deployment. This should give them range to the titan while giving better odds for any blast weapons to scatter off the table. The Hammerhead will sit in the middle so I have max separation of targets to reduce the chance of scatters catching two units. I'm going to try to alpha strike the beast in turn 1 and hopefully drop the fusion commander into melta range on turn 2 if my rolls aren't so hot.

If anybody has any thoughts or ideas, please chip in. Also, if anyone has 2 broadsides they could loan me before next weekend I would be most grateful.



  1. I would bet a lucky eldar or DE player is going to lance this thing to death.

    that or long fang spam. on the principle of "take enough tests and you'll fail a few"

    That Said I might personally be tempted to CC it with something, what's its rear armour?

  2. I think the lances will have a shot but only the Tau or melta drop troops are going to be able to kill this in the first turn. I believe it is rear armour 12 so it won't be too hard to CC to death. Perhaps dropping 2 ironclad dreads on turn 1 in pods will let them get an assault off in turn 2.

    Remember you're starting with a 60" fight (assuming you deploy on your 12" frontline) so the lances and missile launches are short on range. Railguns will bring it home....IO hope.

  3. need more Railguns. I might have to come up and bring out more broadsides.

    Here's a list might work:

    Shas'el with Tl-Fusion, BSF: 71 points
    6 Fire Warriors 60
    6 Fire warriors 60
    2 Broadsides with BSF 146
    2 broadsides with BSF 146

    That's an average of 3 railgun hits per turn. then you need a 3+ to penetrate. so thats 2 penetrating hits. This actually doesn't get much better with Targeting Arrays.

  4. It's a tough fight that's for sure, especially with the titan getting the first turn. I'd sure appreciate it if you get a chance to bring up another two broadsides.

    If so, I'll run the list,

    - Shas'El with TLF,BSF: 71
    - 6 FW: 60
    - 6 FW: 60
    - Broadside with TA: 80
    - Broadside with TA: 80
    - 2 Broadsides with BSF: 146

    That gives me 497pts and sets up a harder target choice for the titan commander. The solo Broadsides are more accurate but he can nail the unit with a single lucky shot. Probably put the unit against one table edge, one XV88 against the other and one in the middle.

    It's about as good of a chance as I will get I think.

  5. how about melta stealth suit spam?? S6 to glance? and the fusion blasters to nail it?

  6. Melta-suit spam was tried on the day. One guy got 12 fire warriors, one TL fusion commander and 6 TL fusion crisis suits.

    He was lucky and dropped them all in on turn 2 deep strike but took until turn 4 to kill the titan.

    The winner used my list but rolled better than me and took it out on turn 1.

    Good idea though :-)