Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tau vs Blood Angels Cityfight Photos.

Hey folks,

Old Shatter Hands sent over the photos of our game so I am posting them up seperately from the game rather than trying to stuff them into the same post. I'll try to remember when each photo was taken in game.

These two show the combination of my colour scheme with OSH's. We agreed that they looked pretty neat together and it will be cool to see them lined up alongside one another when it comes time to have a big apocalypse game with them.

Stealth suits and deathrains ready to open fire.

Me checking TLOS.

The Chaplain's hiding spot.

Tau firing line.

The Skyray blocks the Death Company.

Again without the flash.

Our version of a stunt shot with rapelling lines for the Fire Warriors.

Thanks OSH for all the great photos and for the great game. Also, check out how cool his terrain is for the game. I love the ruins and the homemade buildings in particular.


  1. Great pictures mate! The table looks fantastic - I only get to play on the tables at the local GW store, which is all GW standard stuff.

    Consider me very jealous...

  2. Thanks Andy. Old Shatter Hands has really made this up to be an excellent table for smaller games and it's amazing how little space it takes up when he folds it away.

    It should work out well as a post-apocalyptic wasteland for Nuclear Renaissance games as well once I get the box through.

  3. Good pics Pete, though I think the one with you checking 'Tau line of sight' is a set-up! You're just posing for the camera really aren't you!! lol.

    Your crisis suit and stealthsuits look great, especially the weapons on the crisis, they look just like off of the Dwan of War computer game!

    Hurry up and build that Tau army of yours!

  4. There were actually a couple of photos that got me in them as OSH would generally do the piccies when it was my turn. I wasn't posing...honest ;-)

    The crisis suits are all OSH's (except the lone helios) as I don't have enough. He's done some excellent work on converting and painting them. I really like how they stand out compared to my 'dappled camo' stealth suits too.

    When I get into my buying phase again I'll probably be getting a chunk of Tau (Battleforce, another hammerhead) as well as a few other snippets such as some Malifaux models and possibly an ironclad Dreadnought.

    Hurry up and post something on your blog lol ;-)

  5. Great - love the photos. That's given me some ideas for new terrain pieces. Looks like it was a fun game.

  6. Thanks Sholto. It was a really fun game and we had another great cityfight game last night with even more crowded terrain. I can't wait to see what you come up with; your tables are always so well stocked as it is now.

  7. Cityfight really is my favorite way to play. Pete, I pulled out my big box of terrain materials. I'm gonna start on that D9 piece that I mentioned this weekend as we get snowed in.

  8. I'm down with that as well. It's a great ruleset that always leaves you fighting down to the wire no matter how the game starts. I think with all of the terrain and the strategems you reduce the chance of that first turn alpha strike effect that can happen in regular games.

    I really want to see the D9 piece once you get it done. It will be an even cooler board to play on then. I'll definitely bring over the orks sometime and we can try the horde matchup to see how that goes once you've had a chance to work on your ork sets.