Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Damn, can't I stop buying models.

Hey all,

Just a brief update on my latest arrivals from the wonderful Ramshackle Games. I made a big order this time of:
- Nuclear Renaissance 2 (4 vehicles, 14 characters)
- Nuclear Renaissance 1 set (2 vehicles, 1 terrain, 12 figures)
- Larken, Chicken, Stanton and armoured dungers (5).
- Two bikers (Dag and Spiker).
- Vehicle upgrade set
- Big batch of miscast pieces

Now there has been ridiculously heavy snow over here around DC so I've only got one of the two packages from Curtis (bikers, vehicles from NR1, upgrades and miscasts). Still it gives me a little bit of time to get the assembly started before I'm overwhelmed by the incoming resin.

Here you can see my two half-utes in position to let the epoxy glue dry along with the bikers and three miscast dungers (very very small air bubble errors). I've added the rhino and marine for a sense of scale.

Here we see that marine Dreadnoughts are really not as big as you might think.

Last of all we have my vehicle upgrade kit (outside the box) and the batch of miscasts that Curtis added to this order for a minor sum. I think we can safely agree that this is a complete buttload of resin that will make for awesome conversions, terrain or even a kit bashed new vehicle.

So that's about all from me right now. I've finally got hold of some Krylon spray primer so I've got my next batch of miniatures to paint soon enough. The honour guard are next in line after the current ramshackle vehicles and hopefully working on them will be enough to get me stoked up for finishing the land raider so they can have an armoured bunker to charge out of.


  1. Damn, that's quite a bit of new models!

    I have the same problem- can't stop buying!

    I like the biker models, are most of the Ramshackle things Resin? I got the impression it was a decent amount of pewter.

  2. Also, it's going to be until after taxes are due before I buy models (*sigh), but this definitely is on my list- I'm eager to give it a shot!

  3. It's a mix at the moment. All of the vehicles are resin and about 30-40% of the figures too approximately. Curtis told me he likes making things in resin because then he can cast them in house and offer them cheaper. Still certain poses just don't work out with making simple resin moulds and so for those he sticks to pewter. I guess you can get to the forge world level with resin but they seem to have their own set of challenges (cost being a major one).

    From the figures in my order (not vehicles), the 10 dungers are resin, so are the bikes, two of the solos and 10 of the NR2 figures. I have 10 metal figures from NR1+Larken and there are 4 metal in the NR2 boxed set. Maybe we can set up a time to meet up in Dream Wizards down in Rockville or up in Glen Burnie if I can get up there (one car, two people lol) and I'll bring my NR stuff so we can game. The boxed set for the second game has three full gangs in it and I have a huge stack of other models from Ramshackle so there should be plenty to work with.

  4. I don't mind resin myself, might be kind of interesting to work with. The model quality looks good from the pictures, which is the main things (rules being a close second, of course).

    I can get to Dream Wizards of course- I don't mind the drive if that's more convenient. I'd certainly love to give the game a shot. You free any time in March? (This month sucks for free weekends). We can set up a day by email if you find you have some free time :).

  5. I have to say that the Ramshackle resin has been a lot easier to work with than I was thinking it might be. Like many GW players (I suspect) I got my first knowledge of resin from Forge World stories and there are so many bad experiences people have with how hard it is to work with, the mould release agent messing up painting, warped pieces etc. Aside from getting used to the resin being harder and more brittle than GW plastic, it's been so easy to work with and takes paint really well etc.

    It would be cool to get together and have a game or three. Perhaps we can talk Old Shatter Hands into coming as well if you want to add some 40k mayhem into the mix. I'm basically free all weekends in March that I know of. I do work at Starbucks most of the day on Sunday and Saturday morning but we could go for an afternoon of gaming at Dream Wizards on Sat sometime if that works for you.

  6. The only FW thing I've bought were some Aeronautica Imperialis minis, which I think are resin, and sure enough, they were a pain to use. I don't have too much experience beyond though (some Flames of War things are resin maybe, they may count).

    I'll let you know when I know my schedule. I think the second weekend of March is already completely free, I'm about 90% sure. Saturday afternoons work just fine, that means I can sleep in some O:-). Would love to try NR if you think you'll have a gang I can use ready (since I won't be able to buy any by then :( ).

  7. Sounds cool. I've yet to try any forge world but OSH has a fair sprinkling of it in his Tau and Blood angels armies.

    The second weekend in march sounds good to me. I will definitely have two gangs ready by then and with any luck I'll be able to get them painted by then also. I'll let you know what I have closer to the time and you can tell me which gang takes your fancy most. Pete

  8. Sounds like a plan! Looking forward to it.

  9. My friend has ordered some Ramshackle items (quite a few minis and some trucks) to use in our games of Malifaux, and I am planning on getting some as well. Thanks for the heads up on these :)

    Might even wind up trying out the game, since we will have the minis and all!

  10. Good stuff Sholto. I'm glad that you're interested in the models. They're definitely full of character and so cheap that it's well worthwhile. Get in contact with Curtis when you order if you want to get some extra miscast bits or the like for conversions. He'll do it at a good price.

    I'd say definitely consider playing the game. The rules are free to download from the Ramshackle website and Malifaux models would be just perfect for the game. I was actually thinking of getting the Ortegas and Death Marshals to use in both games.