Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sniper scouts finished. Quick and easy :-)

Hi everyone,

Here are my sniper scouts. I picked up a box a few weeks ago and they were quick to build, quick to paint and should be fun to play with. Only 70 points for five with camo cloaks, hiding in cover and plinking off a few shots.

I based them using green stuff to add a bit of texture and also give me a place to add some details. Two of them get skulls from the boxed set, the kneeling guy has a pouch of cartridges, one stands over a broken Deathwing sword and the final one has a sculpted flower/plant on his base.

I went for a simple look with the camo cloaks. They are something like the elven cloaks in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I decided to keep them simple and had fun painting them up.

Here are the scouts all finished and ready to take the field, under the watchful eye of a Deathwing Librarian. Good fun all in all to paint and I'm looking forward to adding them as a cheap unit on the field.

All the best


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