Thursday, March 7, 2013

Eldar Windrider host unboxing.

Hi everyone,

I got a few minutes to drop into the FLGS on the way to a lesson recently and managed to nab the old Apocalypse boxed set that has been hanging around for a while. After getting the 10% discount for being a regular customer and knowing a few people, I took this home for 63 euros (not bad considering the basic retail comes to ~130 euros). 

Here is the box in all its glory ready to be broken open and put together.

Damn, that's a lot of plastic. Basically you get ten sprues with Guardian Jetbike pieces, 2 Vyper jetbike sprues, 2 Eldar heavy weapon sprues, 16 flying bases (for some reason), three clear plastic canopies for the Vypers and some transfers. 

Here are the metal parts for the Autarch model. Body, left arm, right arm options (Fusion gun, power sword, laser lance) and some flags / decorations.

Next up for me is to bother my friend and see if I can borrow his plastic clippers to remove everything from the sprue much faster than if I use a hobby knife. Then I'll look at assembling the bikes (probably minus the canopy sheet), adding a few dark eldar bits to mix up the models and do my conversions prior to getting into the painting side of things.

All the best



  1. Clippers are essential! If you don't have any by the next timei'm in SK, I'm bringing you some!

  2. Well since I built the Deathwing back in 2011 and haven't really bought anything since then, I've never felt that I'm lacking clippers.

    I'll probably drop into the shop and get some to prepare for the Dark Eldar side of my army.

    Pete :-)