Sunday, December 2, 2012

Painted Dark Vengeance Librarian.

Hi folks,

Not too much going on in my gaming world at the moment but I have managed to get some painting done. 

My librarian went from this...

To this...

Thought it's not shown here yet, I used some green stuff to block out the base and then painted that with a simple earth brown tones and now the Deathwing librarian in power armour is ready to kick butt. I was asked about the greens by my friends as they liked the vibrancy and it's a base coat of P3 Gnarl's Green, a darker wash/paint into the creases, then a series of mixes of Gnarl's Green and P3 Iosan Green to bring up the brightness. I like this a lot more than the chalky look you get with adding white/bone highlights to green.

Now that I've had a chance to handle the Dark Vengeance models a bit more, I have to say that this one is definitely one of the best of them. 

I got to the gaming store for a bit over the weekend to give a quick demonstration game to my student. We played a board game in our English classes last week and instead of using paper markers or the like, I decided to take in my Deathwing for them to use as playing pieces. They were a big hit and he decided to come down to the game store to see what it's all about. Here he is, on the right, watching a showdown between Imperial Guard and Orks. 

I didn't get pictures of the game in progress but I managed to snap a quick one of the Deff Dread stomping through the forest en route to the Guard's battle lines. 

I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to Christmas.



  1. That is a great looking model, and the paint job turned out really nice!

    Think your student will get into the game? Growing the hobby is really fulfilling, and it's fantastic if he decides to get into it!

  2. Thanks, Asmo. I really like some of the models in the Dark Vengeance set, especially the characters.

    We'll see about the student. He is the kind of guy who is into geeky things but I'm not sure if Warhammer will be the way forward for him. Fingers crossed.