Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Warmachine & HORDES Deals!

Hi everyone,

While I haven't yet managed to find a playing group to enjoy the game with, I'm very interested in Privateer Press' Warmachine & HORDES games. 

My temptation just jumped up a notch seeing their Christmas bundles.

Here's an example for Khador.

So you get out there with your warcaster, two heavy Jacks, a support piece, some heavy infantry and some snipers too. To support the models they throw in the token set and a mini rulebook. Not to mention the little Christmas ornament :-)

I also love the Circle Orboros deal full of stone construct goodness (though I do love warpwolves too).

Now if you agree that these are great deals then head over to the Privateer Press store pronto. If you spend over $200 then you will get a Coleman Stryker action figure included for free as long as stocks last. Now this may not be something that works for you personally but I'm sure you could find a son/younger brother/cousin etc. who'd love to have this for Christmas. Who knows, they may even come asking you for an intro game later on when they're old enough for the big toys. 
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