Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lots of models on offer for modest prices.

Hey everyone,

So since I'm leaving the US in a couple of months to begin the next crazy adventure of my life country-hopping and hopefully living in South America, I have to get rid of my entire collection of models.

Below is a list of everything that I have. At this stage I'm looking for cash only rather than trade since I can't take much with me and there are plenty of costs ahead of me (flights, visas, certification to teach English abroad etc.)

Still, I'd rather my collection go to people who I know will enjoy it and take good care of it than just be put on faceless Ebay.

There are no prices on this. Just get in touch with me ( if you're interested in something and we can discuss.

I'm hoping to sell the marines, orks and Tau as complete armies but I'm open to discussion on everything.

All the best :-)


2500-3000pts Pete's chapter marines (95% painted, TT level)
5 sternguard, 6 terminators, MM dread,
5 scouts, 25 tactical marines, Rhino
Land Speeder
~10 Devastators
Land Raider Redeemer

10 Grey Knights

Other models
- Lascannon Dread
- Marneus Calgar (painted)
- Honour Guard (primed)
- Marneus + HG (primed)
- Tau army (all painted): 2 Helios, 3 stealth + MD, 6 Gun Drones, 12 Fire Warriors, 12 Kroot, 2 Piranhas, Hammerhead, Skyray
- Ork Army (85% painted): Warboss, Big Mek, 20 Nobz, 40 Boyz, 20 Grots, 8 lootas, 8 burnas, 6 deffkoptas

- Harbinger of Menoth (almost painted and assembled)
- Skorne Battlebox (mostly assembled)
- Trollbloods battlebox
- Trollbloods battlbox (primed)

RamshackleHuntsman spider tank (~30% painted, needs a base)
- 8-10 trukks / half tracks etc.
- 30-40 figures, resin and metal. ~10 painted

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  1. Update: I also have a rulebook for Nuclear Renaissance, Warmachine Prime Mk2, Warmachine Forces of Cygnar and the latest Space Marine Codex