Thursday, August 5, 2010

My first cast models have arrived! Woot!

Okay, so some good news for me right now :-)

Curtis at Ramshackle Games received shipment of three figures I sculpted for him a few weeks ago. You can see two of the figures below.

The third figure was another corpse marker. It's a curled up small person with a knife in their back. Curtis did point out I could have done it a little bigger as it's somewhat of a dead hobbit (his words) but they came out nicely in the sculpts.

In any case I now have 8 sculpts of each figure to distribute as I see fit, which is cool. I'll be painting a set up as soon as I get the time and energy so I can send pictures to Curtis for the webstore (he's been very busy with his Fantasy Orcs) but if anyone else nearby would like a set, let me know and I'll see how I can best get them to you.

The only caveat is that you must blog about Ramshackle games and how cool it is ;-)

All the best to everyone,

Pictures coming when I get home.


  1. Hey, I already blog about Ramshackle. Glory glory

  2. Hey Steven.

    I'm so sorry I wasn't following your blog until now. I've rectified that now as I like to read about what others are doing with Ramshackle stuff.

    You're definitely more organised in your painting than me as my gangs all have a figure or two done out of them. I need to spend a few hours really clearing the painting decks and getting things to a more even stage. Then hopefully I can tempt some people from the gaming club near me to enjoy a NR game. I have to break out my spider tank again (Now there's a whole painting project in itself).

    If you were closer I would offer to send you a set of my sculpts but it will be easier for you to get them from the website once Curtis does his next big upload. I've heard that along with my 3 figures, there are more figures, a couple of vehicles and plenty of dungers inbound. Should be a good release batch.


  3. That's awesome man! When are you going to have time to get them painted? I can't wait to see them!

  4. Hey Asmo. I started working on painting them today in fact. I've not done a great deal as I've been busy sorting out the apartment (waitin for a flakey date to call, or not) and getting all my stuff sorted out. If you want, I'll happily mail you a set of the three figures, just send me your contact info via email.

    As soon as I get them done and find a camera I'll get some photos up.